Expert: Details of the gas contract with Moldova remain a secret

Gazprom does not disclose information about its contracts, we can only guess and hope for leaks from its counterparties. This was announced on October 25 to the correspondent. IA REGNUM Deputy Director of the Institute for Energy and Finance Alexey Belogoryev

Let us remind you that on November 22 Gazprom announced the termination of gas supplies to Moldova due to non-payment of debt. Later it was announced that, as an exception, supplies would be extended until Moldova fully repaid the debt for the supplied gas.

“As for the terms of the contract. Gazprom usually does not disclose either the price formula itself, or the terms of the contract, this is the company’s principle, ”the expert said.

“Leaks usually occur from the opposite side,” Belogoryev explained.

“What I know, who has no insider knowledge, is that the formula retained some proportion of the peg to the spot price in Germany and some peg to the basket …

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