Expert: Moldova managed to impose its own conditions on the gas price

Moldova actually forced Gazprom to provide it with more favorable conditions, as a result of which the gas price dropped significantly. This was announced on October 25 to the correspondent. IA REGNUM Deputy Director of the Institute for Energy and Finance Alexey Belogoryev

“What has almost certainly been done is that in the exchange prices the calculation period was shifted from the previous month to the previous year,” the expert said.

“Moldova insisted on this. This is a very big difference in prices, “Belogoryev noted.

“For example, if we take November supplies and imagine that they will be tied to the October price at the Belgian TTF hub, then the price will be $ 1,076 per thousand cubic meters. meters without taking into account the oil tie. The oil peg will bring the price down, ”the expert explained.

“If we form the price at the prices of November 2020, then it will be about $ 400 per thousand cubic meters. meters, that is, three times less “, – emphasized …

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