Owners of Sverdlovsk cinemas demand from the governor to cancel QR codes

In the Sverdlovsk region, the owners and managers of cinemas demand from the governor Evgeniya Kuyvasheva cancel the QR code system. They complain about the sharply falling revenue, the correspondent reports. IA REGNUM

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“All this time we have been observing a decrease in attendance and, accordingly, revenue by an average of 70%,” the authors of the appeal state. And they add that they have not yet recovered from the first lockdown, are still returning debts, and now they are again unable to fulfill these obligations.

Also, the leaders remind officials about the crush in public transport and that no one requires QR codes there, although it should be. “And the feeling of absurdity and injustice of what is happening does not leave us,” the letter says.

What is happening …

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