Expert: Refusing the Russian World, Ukraine destroys itself

The current inhabitants of Ukraine could rightfully use the heritage of their ancestors who stood at the origins of the Russian civilization. About this on November 25 to the correspondent IA REGNUM said a Russian writer from Ukraine Sergey Sidorenko

“Ukraine’s refusal from the Russian world threatens it with self-destruction, because Ukraine is itself a part of the Russian world,” the writer said.

“This is a refusal of what the population of this region could rely on in the current difficult era,” said the agency’s interlocutor.

“The ancestors of modern“ Ukrainians ”were among the creators of Russian civilization, enriching its treasury with many worthy names and deeds. And their descendants – today’s “Ukrainians” – could rightfully use this property. And we are talking, first of all, about the intangible property, which is huge. “

Sergey Sidorenko

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