In Batumi, the police had to intervene in the scandal organized by the deputies

During the meeting of the bureau of the sakrebulo (municipal assembly) of the city of Batumi, a loud scandal occurred, reports the Georgian TV channel “Formula” on November 25.

The deputies at the meeting were supposed to consider the city budget. It was unexpectedly revealed that the people’s representatives from the ruling Georgian Dream party are planning to adopt the budget with the old composition of the Sakrebulo. The opposition categorically disagreed with this and demanded to remove the consideration of the budget from tomorrow’s agenda.

On this basis, an active verbal squabble took place between the deputies, which took on such a loud form that the police were forced to remove the elected representatives from the opposition from the conference room.

It should be noted that the balance of forces in the new Batumi Sakrebulo between the pro-government and opposition deputies is 17 to 17. Thus, the Georgian Dream in the municipal elections held in October did not receive a majority in the city municipal assembly. The situation in Batumi has also worsened …

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