Republika Srpska will return to the authorities of BiH after the repeal of the Inzko law

Republika Srpska is ready to continue working in the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina if the controversial law Valentina Inzko on the prohibition of denial of the “genocide in Srebrenica” will be canceled. About this member of the Presidium of BiH from Serbs Milorad Dodik said on November 24 after meeting with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Wargeya

“Vargeyi expects that the joint authorities of BiH will work. These are the very bodies about which the Republika Srpska declared that it does not want to participate in their work, as long as the law imposed by Valentin Inzko remains in force. After the law is canceled, we agree to discuss further work “, – the RTS TV channel quoted Dodik as saying.

Let us remind you that earlier the former high representative of the international community in BiH, Valentin Inzko, introduced into the country’s legislation a law banning the denial of the “genocide in Srebrenica”. Republika Srpska refused in response …

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