Political scientist: West is preparing a repetition of the Georgian scenario in Donbass

In the event of aggression against Donbass, Western media will not notice either the killed civilians or those responsible for this death. This was announced on November 25 to the correspondent. IA REGNUM political scientist, candidate of economic sciences Alexander Dudchak

“The Georgian scenario will repeat itself,” the expert said.

“The West will not notice how this operation developed, who prepared it and how, who is really responsible for the deaths of civilians,” the political scientist explained.

“Western media will present Russia’s response to the protection of the civilian population as an“ aggression of the Russian Federation, ”the expert noted.

And the political forces in the West, advocating new sanctions against the Russian Federation, for stopping the SP-2, at any cost will receive an “argument” and call on the allies who have lost their sovereignty to mobilize and act as a united, anti-Russian front“- concluded Dudchak.

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