Zeman prepares for the summit with the participation of Hungary, Poland and Slovakia

The Czech President will take part in the summit of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary (Visegrad Group) Milos Zeman, the head of the presidential administration told reporters on November 25 Vratislav Minarj

The official said that Zeman’s health condition allows him to take part in the Visegrad Group summit in an online format. Video talks will take place on November 29, and the meeting itself will be held in Budapest.

Minarge added that tomorrow, November 26, at noon, Zeman will solemnly appoint Petra Fialu chairman of the Czech government. The ceremony will take place at Zeman’s country residence.

In addition, added the head of the Czech presidential administration, on November 29, Zeman, after the summit, will begin accepting candidates for the ministerial posts proposed by the new head of government for conversation.

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