Saakashvili complained about the “terror” of the Georgian state security

Ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili On November 25, on his Facebook page, he accused the State Security Service of Georgia of “terrorizing” the medical personnel of the military hospital in Gori.

“For a week now, members of parliament from the National Movement and from other parties have not been allowed to visit me. In recent days, representatives of the State Security Service, standing next to my ward, have begun a real terror against the medical staff. They specially search them and conduct conversations with threats so that I do not transmit messages to the public through them. If tomorrow they do not allow the deputies to enter, then I will refuse the course of treatment and will only take those medications that were prescribed to me before I was captured, ” – Saakashvili’s address says.

Recall that on November 19, Mikhail Saakashvili was transferred from a prison hospital in Tbilisi to a military hospital located in Gori.

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