Vucic: Djordjevic was preparing a plan to darken my meeting with Putin

The Serbian opposition is trying in any way possible to make senseless everything that the president does Alexander Vucic… This was stated by Vucic himself in an interview to the Serbian TV channel Pink on November 24 upon his arrival in Sochi for a meeting with the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin

“The more stupid the statement they make, the more stupid the people they mention in their statements must seem to be.”– said Vucic.

The TV channel journalist said that one of the oppositionists, the leader of the Serbian Liberation movement Mladjan Djordjevic, who is currently in Moscow, accused Vucic of the fact that the President of Serbia was going to Moscow only to be photographed there. To this Vucic replied that the opposition was preparing to darken his meeting with Putin, thinking that it would take place not in Sochi, but in Moscow.

“It was a prepared plan, since they …

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