Belgorodka, who ended up in intensive care after being vaccinated against COVID-19, was given a medical treatment

The story of a resident of the Belgorod region, who was in intensive care after being vaccinated against COVID-19, was commented on November 25 at a briefing by the chief physician of the Stary Oskol district hospital of St. Luke of Crimea Svetlana Nemtseva. The patient was given medical treatment, and her family apologized to the doctors.

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According to Svetlana Nemtseva, Belgorodka had a drop in blood pressure on the day of the vaccination. The woman did not spend the necessary 30 minutes in the vaccination room to rule out complications, but left on her urgent business.

“We do not know whether due to vaccinations or any other factors, but half an hour later, when her blood pressure was measured, it was low. The pressure was raised with a universal hormonal drug. No other manifestations – rash or shortness of breath – in …

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