U.S. officials travel to Taiwan to discuss defense issues

The five members of the US House of Representatives are expected to arrive in Taiwan on Friday, November 26, Reuters reported on November 25.

US officials will take a short trip focusing on protecting the island, Taiwan’s central news office said.

No additional information has yet been received.

The news comes after a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense Wu Qian urged the US not to harbor “any illusions” about Taiwan, pointing out that Beijing would not compromise on this issue. During the briefing, the politician accused Washington of saying “a lot of irresponsible things” on the issue.

Earlier, on November 24, the administration of the President of the United States Joe Biden invited Taiwan to a democracy summit next month, while ignoring China. Russia was also left uninvited.

The so-called “Summit for Democracy” will be held in the United States on December 9 and 10. Leaders are invited to it …

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