The PP asks Cruz to demand that Renfe and Adif not speculate with the Ensanche land

The PP spokesman in the Huelva city council, Jaime Pérez, has demanded that the mayor of Huelva demand that the Government of Sánchez unblock the South Ensanche Plan due to the intention of Renfe and ADIF to speculate with the Ensanche land. Along with the land of the new station, the representatives of the Municipal Group of the PP have come to demand that Mayor Cruz “stand before President Sánchez and demand the development of the Ensanche Sur and the commitment that the capital gains of these lands be invested in Huelva capital ”.

The popular people have explained that Renfe, through ADIF, is the owner of the land because the train tracks passed through there. But since this premise no longer exists, the land and its use should be invested in investments in the city of Huelva, instead of being used by RENFE or ADIF to invest it in other urban operations such as the Chamartín operation in Madrid.

“It is unacceptable that while Huelva does not invest in new tracks or better trains, the Government of Sánchez, with the collusion and silence of Cruz, is dedicated to speculating with the land avoiding the development of the Ensanche.”

The PP spokesman has stressed that “it is not the first time that the mayor has turned his back on Huelva’s people and sided with the government of his party before opting to defend the interests of Huelva.” Pérez recalled how Mayor Cruz has not raised his voice in the face of unfair and inadmissible 2022 budgets for the economic development of the city of Huelva. In these accounts, the popular ones point out, none of the infrastructures claimed by the entire province are included, such as the third lane of the highway that connects Huelva with Seville, the arrival of the high speed between Huelva and Seville, or the works of the San Silvestre Tunnel, endangering the water supply for human and industrial consumption.

From the Municipal Group of the PP, Cruz has once again been called upon to launch the Railway Park project that is necessary and urgent for the city of Huelva and the development of the Ensanche Sur. Pérez has demanded the start-up of the work project for the Railroad Park that must include underground parking, green boulevards, playgrounds, as well as trees and the preservation of the historical urban heritage that includes the old station itself. “A wall was not thrown to put up a fence; a wall was not thrown to authorize a precarious parking lot and leave the rest of the area degraded ”.

Thus, the popular ones denounce that these days they are carrying out works to expand the precarious parking that includes a car wash, the offer of car rentals or the sale of the same. For the spokesperson, “Mayor Cruz does not think of Huelva residents, but rather of a business that closes on Sundays and holidays, so it does not help the commerce of Huelva. From the PP it is recalled that they have already raised several questions to the plenary about this precarious parking authorized by the Compensation Board, which is also owned by the Huelva City Council. Along these lines, Jaime Pérez asks himself “how is it possible that Huelva businessmen take more than a year to receive a license or authorization and during this time a parking lot and its extension are authorized in precarious terms, modifying traffic and allowing the installation of lights and cameras? “

For the popular, Mayor Cruz has become the real problem in Huelva. “Cruz is a brake on investment in Huelva, he is more interested in imposing fines than in developing infrastructure projects as important for our city as the Railroad Park, which represents the structuring of the south of the city and the union through a corridor green in the neighborhoods of Pérez Cubilla, El Matadero, Centro and Pescadería ”.

For the Municipal Group, the Ensanches Sur and the Parque del Ferrocarril are one more example of the disastrous management of the Cruz government that joins the lamentable execution of the EDUSI works, or the repeated announcements of works that do not arrive as the remodeling from the Plaza de la Merced, the Santa Fe Barracks or the rehabilitation of the San Sebastián Market building. “If the citizens were to make a comparison exercise between the way of governing and executing the investments of the Cruz government versus that of Juanma Moreno, they would see how the Andalusian government in just two years has inaugurated more works in Huelva than the mayor himself.”

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