Dual masters and digital transformation, strategic pillars of UNIA

The International University of Andalusia It has held a meeting of its Board of Trustees this Thursday, where it has taken stock of the activity and progress has been made on the projects linked to the recently launched Strategic Plan 2021-2024. Dual master’s degrees and digital transformation are two fundamental axes of this roadmap, which seek to reinforce the institution’s role in postgraduate studies and as a part of the Andalusian university system.

For your rector, Jose Ignacio Garcia, “We have reached the middle of my mandate with a new plan that represents a paradigm shift at the University, and that responds to the needs and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Thus, during his report he has highlighted a project that exemplifies this direction of the UNIA, such as the Dual Master in Digital Transformation of Companies.

A degree aimed at professionally training in the design and leadership of digitization processes, which has a special characteristic: it is the first officially in Andalusia that combines the classroom with training within companies. To do this, it has established alliances with the universities of Granada, Malaga and Almería, as well as with top-level corporations such as Endesa, Iberdrola, Covirán, Lactalis Puleva, Everis, Aertec or Fundación Medina.

Under the model of this alternating training, similar to dual vocational training, the International of Andalusia is already working on a new proposal, together with the universities of Seville and Cádiz, in terms of logistics. A key piece in the renewal of the official postgraduate degree at UNIA, which hopes to incorporate other master’s degrees in areas such as non-university teacher training, bilingual teaching or music research and interpretation in the next few courses.


The digital transformation is being one of the branches of specialization in the teaching offer of the UNIA. With it, said the rector, “we deepen the connection between training and productive demands, positioning ourselves in new disciplines on the rise.”

In this sense, this course is part of the catalog of options such as the official master’s degree in bionformatics, in addition to the own teachings in big data, data protection, digital energy or in STATA 17, a tool used for massive data analysis by of companies.

“All these academic proposals materialize part of the conclusions of the UNIA Observatory of Professional Profiles, a report that identified the 36 priority employment niches, as well as the skills and knowledge that educational institutions should address ”, stressed José Ignacio García.

Another consequence of these prospective studies is the project UNIA-Innova. An optional module for official master’s degree students, focused on training in the transversal skills most demanded in the labor market and most difficult to acquire on their own (programming, data analysis, collaborative work, problem solving, technology applied to creativity …).

To continue deepening its connection with social and productive challenges, and as an instrument open to the entire Andalusian public university system, the International of Andalusia will present two new studies in a few days. One on dual training as an employability factor and the other, focused on the skills, occupations and job placement of university students.


The UNIA Board of Trustees is the connecting body between the university and university institutions and the social sectors interested in the best fulfillment of their goals. Chaired by the counselor with powers in university matters, the rectors of Andalusian public universities, representatives of the municipalities and provinces where it has its headquarters, trade unions, the Confederation of Andalusian Entrepreneurs and the PAS are part of it.

In its year-end session, the Andalusian International Board of Trustees has addressed, among other issues, the approval of the non-financial spending limit, as well as the draft budget for the year 2022. With this, the university’s accounts for the next year they amount to 16.2 million euros.

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