Isla Cristina already has its Three Wise Men of 2022

The City Council of Isla Cristina has released this Thursday morning the tthree people who will incarnate the Magi from the East in the 2022 Cavalcade of the Kings in the coastal town.

It took place in the Plenary Hall and was chaired by the delegate councilor for Celebrations, María del Carmen Beltrán, who stressed that “this year two types of bases have been published, one for individuals and the other for companies, with the The difference is that the company has to bear all the expenses and the individual has to pay the single amount of four hundred euros.

Likewise, Beltrán has specified that “this year the parade will not have the participation of any boys or girls, since we have restrictions due to the pandemic, let us not forget, continue with us,” to end by congratulating him.s three islanders, two women and a man, who this year will represent the Three Wise Men in Isla Cristina and wishing them the best.

As for the three islanders who will represent His Majesty the Kings, they are Sonia Hernandez, who, representing an island company, will play King Melchior; Paco Santos, which will be Gaspar and Cristina Mendez who will wear the crown of Belshazzar. The three have been very excited and have agreed that “they are going to enjoy this experience and fill Isla Cristina with magic and illusion.”

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