64 companies facilitate internships for students of the CDP Virgen de Belén

The students of Center for Vocational Training Studies (CDP) Virgen de Belén, of the Huelva capital, you will be able to carry out your professional practices in 64 partner companies of the province that facilitate this essential practical training for all the training cycles that it offers.

Thus, the delegate of the Territorial Education and Sport, Estela Villalba, has made it clear during a visit to the center in which she thanked the teaching work she does to train her students. The delegate has verified the response of this center to the training demands of the young population to meet the hospitality needs of the tourist area of ​​Huelva.

In response to these demands, the educational center offers two cycles of Basic Professional Training: one for Cooking and Restoration and the other for Hairdressing and Aesthetics; Four Middle Grade Training Cycles, two in Gastronomy and Cooking, one in Installation and Furnishing, and the new CFGM arranged for this course in Restoration Services. At the same time, it has a Higher Dual Degree Training Cycle in Kitchen Management.

“The Ministry of Education and Sports, aims to bring these teachings to the needs of the social and business fabric with the purpose of raising the job placement rate of graduate students. In this way, the training cycles are being updated to adapt to the training needs of each productive environment, as occurs in this Huelva area ”, Villalba reported

Likewise, the head of Education has valued that “the training cycles of the professional kitchen family have an excellent relationship with the more than 53 companies in the environment, which makes it easier for them to be very interested in hosting internship students for their training in the work centers themselves and increase their chances of employment at the end of their studies ”.

The director of the center, Maite Castro, has highlighted the positive assessment that the employer has made of the students through the Work Center Training module of the Dual Kitchen Management Modality in companies with which insertion rates have been achieved 90%.

New Horizons Association, a commitment to inclusion through education

The ‘Nuevos Horizontes’ Social Charity Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is the socio-educational and socio-labor insertion of young people and adults, thus facilitating the non-existence of any discrimination from a desire to serve mainly the less favored people and high social risk.

The association offers help to the neediest groups in the Marismas del Odiel area through the Virgen de Belén de Huelva Educational Center. “The students that make up the community of our centers are characterized by heterogeneity and diversity, the majority of students come from school failure or have difficulties to follow a normal schooling due to the personal, social and community disadvantage situations that they present ”, Said Castro.

The CDP Virgen de Belén is involved in different social projects that offer a comprehensive response to the needs of the students and families of the center. It is worth highlighting, among others, the Sewing workshop that aims to improve employability, autonomy and social integration; Basic trade workshops, with the participation of secondary school students; The INCORPORA employment program of la Caixa, developed since 2013, and whose objective is to facilitate access to the labor market for people at risk of exclusion or the Riela project, which consists of the creation of a “nutritious bank” in which they donate daily a number of balanced menus to the families that need them most. The elaboration of these menus is carried out by the students of the middle and higher degree of kitchen of the center.

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