‘Shout loud so they can hear you’, a show against sexist violence

The El Torrejón Social Center has hosted the premiere of the play ‘Shout loud so they can hear you’, an innovator show against gender violence promoted by the City Council of Huelva for raise awareness among Huelva students about this scourge Through the art. An appointment that has been attended by a hundred young students of the La Marisma Secondary Education Institute.

In this regard, the Councilor for Social Policies and Equality, María José Pulido, who has been accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for Culture, Daniel Mantero, has wanted to value that “it is a function whose main objective is to clearly address the sexist violence, showing the story of an abused woman and three possible outcomes that invite minors to reflect and become aware of the seriousness of this social problem so present in our days ”.

For this, as the director of this function, Diego Garrido points out, “in this play some of the situations that may arise in a real case of sexist violence are staged with professional actors, such as the murder and death of the victim, which the woman takes care of her executioner until the end of her days and, finally, the only hopeful way out, that she escapes from her abuser and the nightmare she is living ”.

It should be noted that this original and innovative montage is developed through the fusion of theater, music, dance and aerial choreography with fabrics, also with the participation of an artist who, throughout the performance, can be seen painting live a painting allusive to this theme.

On the other hand, in this work an actress who is a sign language interpreter also intervenes as the protagonist and translator, in order to also show the added difficulties faced by women with disabilities who are suffering from a situation of gender violence.

This initiative is part of the numerous actions carried out by the Department of Social Policies and Equality to raise awareness and sensitize the youth of our city in the prevention of gender violence and therefore, after this premiere in El Torrejón, the work will continue approaching different institutes and schools in the city.

In this sense, for the Consistory it is essential to deal with students in a close and attractive way, sections that are fundamental for their evolution and personal growth, analyzing current issues in a reflective way. In this way, this work fulfills the objective of visualizing different situations of gender discrimination and sexist violence, in order for young people to learn to recognize and prevent them, for the benefit of the whole of society in general.

Although the premiere of the play has been in the Torrejón Social Center, as it is a municipal space from where the community social services of the City Council have been working throughout the year with the families, the purpose of the Consistory is that it can be represented in all neighborhoods and thus continue to advance in the task of raising awareness against violence, in this case through a first-rate artistic and cultural project.

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