No, there is not a man who is attacking women in Huelva

Pixelated image of the protagonist of the hoax.

No, there is not a man who indiscriminately attacks women on the loose in the streets of Huelva, as stated in several messages that run like wildfire through WhatsApp groups and social networks, which, in addition, is identified with several photographs.

It is, once again, a hoax, as the National Police has confirmed to this medium. A false information that starts, yes, from a truthful fact, but that it is a reality very far from that reflected in the different audios and posts shared virally, in which it is ensured that «the uncle has more than 60 cases, beatings, broken arms and is still on the street because she has mental problems, so women in the downtown area, Verdeluz, Parque Moret, Santa Marta, etc. be careful.

Thus, according to police sources, the individual in question has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of injury but only on one occasion, no more, while ensuring that it is a type “well known” by the agents and they have him under control.

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