Assistive devices for the nearly 1,300 nurses who are examined this Sunday in Huelva

The Nursing Union, SATSE, will be present next Sunday, November 28, 2021, in the celebration of the eExaminations of the competitive examination of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) in which they will participate 1,260 nurses in different university campuses of Huelva.

Specifically, SATSE will install assistive devices with the presence of its delegates in the places where the exam is held in order to advise opponents on the latest doubts that arise, help locate classrooms, solve incidents and, in general, to ensure to the maximum that the tests are held without irregularities.

As detailed by the Nursing Union, these selective tests will be held simultaneously on Sunday, November 28, 2021, at 8 a.m. in different locations throughout the provinces of Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Seville. The distribution of applicants by centers and classrooms is available both on the SAS website and at the various convening Health Agencies.

According to the data collected by SATSE for these tests, a total of 30,204 opponents are registered, 29,873 for the categories of Nurses of the SAS or some of the four public hospital agencies (Alto Guadalquivir, Bajo Guadalquivir, Costa del Sol and Poniente) and 331 who aspire to a position of Nurse / Health Emergencies in the EPES-061 Agency.

By provinces, a total of 29,040 opponents will attend the tests of the Andalusian Health Service, distributed in 2,215 in Almería, 3,517 in Cádiz, 3,301 in Córdoba, 3,768 in Granada, 1,260 in Huelva, 2,223 in Jaén, 5,049 in Malaga and 7,707 in Seville. For its part, the tests of the Health Agencies will be held in Almería those corresponding to the Hospital de Poniente Agency, in Córdoba the Alto Guadalquivir Hospital Agency, in Malaga the tests of the Costa del Sol Hospital Agency and Public Health Emergencies Company and in Seville those corresponding to the Bajo Guadalquivir Agency.

These selective tests, which are convened both by the free access system and for internal promotion correspond to the 2018-2021 Public Employment Offers of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) and 2017-2021 and Stabilization for the five Public Health Agencies. Regarding the offer of places, applicants who apply to the SAS opt for one of the 3,320 offered for free access and 782 for internal promotion, in the Alto Guadalquivir Agency 66 free places and 10 for internal promotion are offered, Bajo Guadalquivir 29 free and 4 internal promotion, Costa del Sol 69 free access places and 3 internal promotion, Poniente 79 free and 3 internal promotion and in EPES-061 18 free emergency nurse and 6 internal promotion places.

Opposition phase

Regarding the exams, they correspond to the opposition phase of the selection process and will consist of two tests, a theoretical questionnaire of 100 multiple choice questions – plus 3 reserve questions – with 4 alternative answers and a practical questionnaire of 50 multiple choice questions. with 4 alternative answers, with a maximum duration to carry out both of three hours.

To access the exam room, opposition persons must necessarily present, at the time of the call, the National Identity Document, Foreign Identity Number, Passport or any other document that allows to prove their personality.

Applicants who attend without the documentation proving their identity will lose their rights, considering that they have not completed the opposition phase. Likewise, opponents must come equipped with a blue or black pen and may not use any book or documentation.

Registered SAS Nurse exam November 28, 2021
Exam site inscribed
Almeria 2,215
Cadiz 3,517
Cordova 3,301
grenade 3,768
Huelva 1,260
Jaen 2,223
Malaga 5,049
Seville 7,707
TOTAL 29,040

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