11 new counselors will fight in Huelva against failure and school dropout

The territorial delegate for Education and Sports in Huelva, Estela Villalba, has reported the incorporation of eleven new counselors who will reinforce the attention to the students of 25 centers in the province. As explained, this Program is proposed as an innovative measure with a specific function: to monitor the educational trajectories of the most vulnerable students in an area or center.

It is aimed at students of Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education (including Basic Vocational Training) and those of Post-compulsory Baccalaureate and Middle Grade Training Cycles. With this Program we work on the prevention of failure and the promotion of learning, as well as on the school success of the students.

“Once again, the Ministry headed by Javier Imbroda demonstrates, with figures and facts, its commitment to public education and the most vulnerable students with the creation of pioneering initiatives,” he stated. “To this program – he has continued – are added other proposals such as the Impulsa Program, which provides funds both to centers with difficulties derived from their environment and to schools and institutes that have specific special education classrooms open until December 1, or the new project Proa + Transfórmate, whose call is currently in force and which is going to expand, among other improvements, the staff of Therapeutic Pedagogy and Hearing and Language teachers ”.

Estela Villalba has pointed out that one of the Educational Guidance Teams (EOE) that incorporates two new professionals is the one from Huelva Oeste, thus reinforcing the attention of the Juan Ramón Jiménez, Arias Montano, Onuba, Giner de los Ríos, Quinto Centenario, schools. and the Pintor Pedro Gómez and La Marisma institutes. The rest of the beneficiary centers belong to the EOE of Cortegana, Moguer, Minas de Riotinto, Huelva East, Huelva North, Huelva South, Isla Cristina, Bollullos Par del Condado and Punta Umbría.

Specifically, the centers that these eleven new professionals will attend are IES San José in Cortegana; CEIP Virgen de Montemayor in Moguer; CEIP San Jorge in Palos de la Frontera; CEIP Maestro Rojas and IES Vázquez Díaz in Nerva, the IES Alto Conquero, José Caballero and the CEIP Manuel Siurot in Huelva, CEIP Galdames in Ayamonte, IES Padre Miravent and CEIP Sebastián Urbano Vázquez in Isla Cristina, IES Doñana in Almonte, the IES Rafael Reyes and Sebastián Fernández together with the CEIP Castillo de Zúñiga in Cartaya, IES Saltés in Punta Umbría and IES Odiel in Gibraleón.

Collaboration with families

This new expansion of resources responds to an initiative that has been presented with the title ‘Program of Accompaniment and Personal and Family Guidance in Public Teaching Centers dependent on the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía’.

The objective of the program is, therefore, to prevent school absenteeism from Primary Education through coordinated accompaniment actions; contribute to the reduction of dropouts before completing post-compulsory secondary education through the design of personalized training proposals and tutoring activities and professional academic guidance; accompany the families of these students, offering them skills and resources so that they can achieve a better understanding and greater involvement in the educational processes of their sons and daughters, and complement those actions of the Territorial Cooperation Program for Educational Orientation, Advancement and Enrichment in centers of special complexity or others that exist in the area, district or specifically aimed at promoting the school success of students in situations of educational vulnerability.

For Estela Villalba, this program of personal and family support “enhances the establishment of a positive bond between the students and their educational center, thus facilitating the integration and school success of the participating students.”

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