New technique for the removal of uterine polyps and fibroids at the Riotinto hospital

The Riotinto Hospital, in the North Health Management Area of ​​Huelva, has launched in recent days a new surgical technique that makes possible the removal of uterine polyps and fibroids without the need for admission, thus considerably improving the quality of care and comfort for the female population in this area of ​​the province that must undergo an intervention of this type.

It is estimated that about 60 women a year will benefit from this new procedure incorporated by the Clinical Management Unit of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics of the center. It is a minimally invasive hysteroscopy modality that is performed on a scheduled outpatient basis, so that the patient is discharged the same day shortly after the operation, which favors her immediate reincorporation to her daily life.

For the development of this technique, the Gynecology Service has been equipped with new operating room equipment and instruments, specifically, a smaller caliber hysteroscope, which facilitates the surgical approach to professionals with greater precision and in a much less invasive way than through of traditional procedures. With this advance, the portfolio of services of the regional hospital in the gynecological field available to the target population is strengthened.

Intracavitational polyps and fibroids are masses or abnormal tissue formations that originate in the uterus, the female reproductive system, can affect between 40% and 50% of women of childbearing age. They are benign in nature, but that does not exempt them from risks and that can cause numerous problems, such as pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding and decrease fertility and make pregnancy more difficult.

Its symptoms can be controlled with pharmacological treatment, although on some occasions, due to its size, weight or location, the doctors consider it necessary to proceed with its removal to avoid existing complications and improve the quality of life in the patient.

The technique implemented by the Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics Clinical Management Unit not only reinforces the safety in the process by reducing the risks of conventional surgery and facilitates a much faster recovery, but also streamlines care and supposes an optimization in the use of health resources, as it is carried out on the same day and does not require hospital admission.

The promotion of this measure to improve care responds to the commitment of the North Health Management Area of ​​Huelva, to which the Hospital de Riotinto belongs, with the constant progress and expansion of resources for the around 70,000 residents of the Huelva regions de la Sierra, Cuenca Minera and part of the Andévalo that make up its reference population, in line with the quality policies of the Ministry of Health and Families.

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