The PP denounces that Cruz hid that the Government wants to leave the Film Festival Foundation

This morning the PP spokesperson in the Huelva city council, Jaime Pérez, to denounce that the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, has hidden during the celebration of the Ibero-American Film Festival “that the Government of Sánchez plans to abandon the Festival Foundation and reduce its contribution to the financing of this event.”

Before a question from the PP in the plenary session held yesterday, the Cruz government has recognized that the Ministry of Culture of the Sánchez Government does not include in a nominal way in the budgets for 2022 the amount of the Film Festival because it “plans to leave the Foundation” and relegates the Huelva cinema sample to resorting to a financing system in competition with other festivals.

The popular regret that Mayor Cruz is unable to demand that the Government of Spain fulfill its commitments and seamlessly support a Film Festival of solera and history like the one in Huelva. The popular ones have been highlighting for several weeks that in the accounts for 2022 the figure destined for the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival did not appear in a nominal way, while Festivals such as San Sebastián, Malaga or Sitges do appear. For the spokesman Jaime Pérez, it is “a new contempt for the city of Huelva and one more example that the mayor is a secondary actor incapable of demanding more and better financing” for an event of interest to the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival.

In this sense, the popular recall how Mayor Cruz has been unable to claim anything from the Government of Sánchez, on the occasion of the presentation of the budget project for 2022, which does not include any of the aspirations of the city and the province of Huelva . For the popular in the City of Huelva, Mayor Cruz is part of the problem and is a hindrance for this city. “We are in the countdown of the Cruz government that neither defends Huelva, nor manages efficiently, and has become the main problem of the city due to its inability to manage the common interests of Huelva.”

Thus, the popular ones have denounced the abuse of the decrees for the approval of invoices with objection, as a consequence of the non-compliance with the norms of inspection of the same. Specifically, in the plenary session in November, the approval by decree of 61 invoice files for an amount of more than 19 million euros was reported. In the month of July 2021 the objections amount to 6,835,967.08 euros. In the month of August 2021 the objections amount to 2,373,937.75 euros. In the month of September 2021 the repairs amount to 4,028,007.53 euros. Finally, in the month of October 2021 the objections amount to 5,954,271.16 euros. The 61 files amount to 19,192,183.52 euros that demonstrate the mismanagement of the Cruz government and the null compliance with the control regulations, and their passion for irregularities.

In these objections you can see the complaint from the head of the Infrastructure Service stating: “There is no contract or document that justifies the amounts invoiced” F2021 184 amounting to 90,000.00 euros. Or the invoice f2021 307 for the amount of 882,070.58 in which “they do not accommodate the order of priority of payments and … therefore their payment endangers the Treasury’s ability to make all payments on time.” In Invoice F2021 313 there are missing dates and it says “it is stated that there are recognized obligations from previous years whose payment could not be made due to lack of documentation”. Or the reference in a series of September invoices in which “the justification of the reason for the expense is not attached.” For the popular, these objections show that in the management this municipal government does not follow the established norms regarding the omission of procedures and procedures, budgetary allocation, lack of competences, or irregularities in the documentation.

Regarding the budget execution, the popular Jaime Pérez has pointed out that 10 million euros were budgeted in terms of income in surcharges and fines. So far this year, they have traffic and circulation fines amounting to 4 million euros and only collected 456,116.05 euros. In terms of investments, the popular confirm the need to execute more and better investments. Of 22 million euros, obligations for 3.5 million euros have been recognized, and only 688,361.88 euros have been paid. That is, 15% of execution, and only 4% of payments in a year that all EDUSI investments must be executed, which is at the same rate as the old fountain or the Conquero viewpoint, Jaime Pérez has indicated. Finally, the Adjustment Plan reiterates that they do not include EMTUSA, Recre and the Film Festival Foundation.

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