Conference and subsequent honey tasting at the Ateneo de Huelva

This Friday, the 26th, the Ateneo de Huelva organizes a conference and later tasting on “Local Honey versus Intercontinental Honey”, by Antonio Carlos Calvo Merida. The conference will take place at 7:00 p.m. at the Niebla room of the Provincial Council provincial.

Throughout the conference, the introduction to the globalized honey market today, the demystification of industrial honey as a natural and traditional product and the requirements of organic beekeeping will be discussed, among other topics.

It will also try to answer these questions: what is and what is not honey? , types of honey and processed. As well as other products from the beehive and finally a tasting of different Andalusian honeys.

Antonio Carlos Calvo Mérida is a forestry engineer from the University of Córdoba, a small beekeeper in the Subbética area of ​​organic products. In addition, he is a specialist in cataloging honeys and marketer of organic honey and its derivatives.

Attendance is free at the conference and subsequent tasting is free.

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