The Huelva hotel sector applauds the law for the renovation and modernization of the sector

From «Enormous satisfaction and enthusiasm» the reaction of the hotel and tourist accommodation sector before the recently published Law for the renewal and Modernization of the sector, promoted by the Junta de Andalucía through the Tourism and Development Councils, and which has finally been ratified in parliament with the support of all the political forces represented in it except United We Can and the Non-Attached Deputies.

From the Provincial Association of Hotels of Huelva They recall that “this law was ratified today by Decree-Law last July, requiring its parliamentary ratification a posteriori, a matter that fortunately in the opinion of the sector has been produced in a resounding manner and without practically any change with respect to the text initially approved on those dates ».

This demand from the sector, promoted by the Andalusian Federation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (FAHAT), whose representative in the province is the Provincial Association of Hotels, (APHH) member organization of the Tourism Business Circle, coincides in time with the recent approval last year also from the hand of the FAHAT of the new decree of hotel classification by points, for which, they assert, «both standards together will undoubtedly contribute in an effective and real way to improve and consolidate the main tractor segment and lever of the tourism sector such as that of accommodation ».

“It has not been an easy job,” they underline, and the sector wants to “thank the Andalusian executive, both the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Development, on the one hand, for their eagerness and determination to carry out a vital rule for the future of the sector, as well as, on the other hand, the political parties for their explicit support in parliament.

Since the sector «has been working intensively on this matter in the last almost three years, together with the recent visits made this summer to a large part of the provincial hotel offer by representatives of the APHH accompanying the delegate of Tourism, María Ángeles Muriel, where during the course of the sessions this issue was discussed in particular, it is possible to anticipate that this rule could lead to the development of almost 30 modernization, reform or consolidation projects in the hotel and apartment supply as a whole. tourism, aimed at improving different types of services, buffet areas, increasing the number of superior accommodation units, making use of ridges for terraces or the implementation of renewable energies, among other projects that will undoubtedly reinforce the quality and services of a hotel plant. already recognized by many as one of the best in the national territory as is the existing one in our country. Province”.

From the first analyzes carried out, «a medium-term investment can be estimated to carry out this set of projects that could easily exceed more than 95 million euros in this first phase, especially in establishments linked to the holiday segment, therefore From the sector, a high level of collaboration and involvement is expected from the municipalities of our province, not only because of the economic injection that these investments could promote in the territory, but also because of the generation of wealth and employment that they could distribute among other local economic activities’. For this, the APHH has been proposing to the Junta de Andalucía, through its Territorial Delegate for Tourism since July of this year, “the need to address and launch information sessions aimed especially at all technicians and / or responsible for the urban planning departments of the different municipalities, so that from the first moment they can face with full guarantee and legal certainty those projects that can be undertaken in the short / medium term. It is necessary to point out that the latest news available to the sector is that these conferences seem that they could be launched shortly by the Junta de Andalucía, so if this is the case, the sector wants to express its gratitude again and recognize the implication of the autonomic administration in a matter of great relevance for this ».

In summary, the objective scope of application of the measure is constituted by tourist accommodation establishments that are legally built on urban land and that require extension or reform works for their renovation and modernization. For this type of works, a margin of flexibility is established in the application of the urban parameters of buildability, occupancy and height, as an exceptional and transitory measure of application to the building licenses that for this purpose are requested within a period of three years from the entry into force of the decree-law.

In general, the norm allows the buildability and occupancy of plots where there is a tourist establishment to be increased by up to fifteen percent. In certain cases, this percentage may? reach twenty percent to encourage requalification actions that allow establishments to adapt to higher categories. Will not be? The approval of a planning instrument is mandatory in the event that the project for the reform or expansion of the tourist accommodation establishment does not entail an increase in the objective use greater than ten percent of that foreseen in the urban planning or the existing materialized in the plot, if the latter were greater, in which case obtaining a municipal license in the terms provided for in this law is sufficient.

The regulation foreseen in this norm has an exceptional and transitory nature and will result? of application to applications for a license for expansion or reform works of legally existing tourist accommodation establishments on urban land that occupy all of one or more buildings and that are registered in the Andalusian Tourism Registry, in any of the following typologies: a) Hotel establishments; b) Establishments of tourist apartments of the group buildings / complexes; c) Tourism camps) Rural houses and e) Rural tourist complexes.

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