The Punta Umbría Music School celebrates the Santa Cecilia concert on Saturday

The Municipal School of Music of Punta Umbría celebrate with a great concert next Saturday, November 27, the Saint Cecilia’s Day, patroness of music and musicians.

The appointment will be at the Teatro del Mar at 8:00 p.m. and admission will be free until the stage capacity is completed.

The concert will feature performances by the Municipal Band ‘Ciudad de Punta Umbría’, the Big Band and the documentary ‘Culmus, a path to history’ will be premiered there.

The Municipal Music Band ‘Ciudad de Punta Umbría’ will be directed by Sergio del Toro and will perform three songs: the pasodoble Puenteareas and two compositions from the soundtrack of the films Batman and The Phantom of the Opera.

For its part, the Big Band will be directed by Sebastián González Bereño and will play four songs to the rhythm of jazz. It will begin with Blue Moon, to continue with Back Home, Four and will close its intervention to the rhythm of On the sunny on the street.

The anniversary of Santa Cecilia will also feature the premiere of the video ‘Culmus, a path to history’. It is a documentary in which the history of Punta Umbría related to music is collected. The tape has been made by the local Municipal School of Music itself.

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