Six detainees after dismantling three ‘narcopisos’ in Aracena and Higuera de la Sierra

The Civil Guard has proceeded to arrest of six people and one investigated for his alleged involvement in a Crime against public health in a operation against the sale of narcotic substances after dismantling three ‘narcopisos’ in the Huelva towns of Aracena and Higuera de la Sierra.

The operation Marillac began last March, after having knowledge of the constant transfer of people who went to a specific address in the town of Aracena, apparently to get his dope fix.

Therefore, the agents, after confirming the events through surveillance in the area, verified that there were two more houses dedicated to the sale of narcotic substances, specifically one in Aracena and another in Higuera de la Sierra, expanding the surveillance zone to those two houses.

The investigations revealed that the inhabitants were connected in a sales network, coordinating between them to obtain the drug in the province of Seville in order to sell it in and around the town.

For this reason, an entry and registration was initiated with prior judicial authorization, seizing ten grams of rock cocaine, four grams of heroin, 63 grams of marijuana and five grams of “rebujo” (a mixture of cocaine and heroin), in addition to numerous pieces of paper already prepared for sale and consumption.

The operation has so far resulted in six detainees and one investigated, not ruling out future arrests.

The Investigations Investigated have been made available to the competent Judicial Authority, together with the seized drugs and the detained persons.

The service has been provided and developed by the Roca 1 Team from Cortegana, and the Aracena Civil Guard Post, the Zufre Civil Guard Post, the Aracena Local Police and the Higuera de la Sierra Municipal Guard have actively collaborated.

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