Enrique Nielsen goes ‘Beyond Plus Ultra’ with his first solo book

All lovers of the history of Huelva have an unavoidable appointment with a new publication. Is about ‘Beyond the Plus Ultra’, the new book by Huelva writer and researcher Enrique Nielsen, which addresses in this work the history and ins and outs of the first great flight of Spanish aviation, the one carried out in early 1926 by the Plus Ultra seaplane, which left Palos de la Frontera and managed to cross the South Atlantic.

It was already known that the flight had a strong international impact and that it represents a milestone in the contemporary history of the province of Huelva, as Palos de la Frontera and Huelva are the places where the flight began and the protagonists of the same were received at his return, but until this publication, the ins and outs that surrounded this episode in history were not known and which are now being revealed with this book published by Editorial Niebla, which provides great news of interest.

The work, which is already available in bookstores, is the result of almost five years of research. “It has been a hard and hard road, but at the same time very rewarding”, confesses the author, who decided to write about this event “because of the questions that still remained to be answered and that intrigued me so much”, and all this despite the fact that “ at first this story seemed somewhat hackneyed, “he adds.

Enrique Nielsen also highlights that “during this research I have been fortunate to meet wonderful people who have generously helped me to elaborate this work”, of which also “I feel very proud”, acknowledges the author. shown convinced that “the reader is going to enjoy a great adventure, now almost a hundred years old, which will surely not disappoint him,” he predicts.

Enrique Nielsenes is a great expert on the incidence of the two world wars in Huelva, as evidenced in his previous publications, of which he is a co-author with Jesús Copeiro, such as’ The mystery of William Martin ‘,’ Huelva in the I World War ‘,’ William Martin. Chronicle of the operation Carne Picada ‘or’ Clauss’, also published, these last three, by Editorial Niebla.

‘Beyond Plus Ultra’ is, therefore, Enrique Nielsen’s first experience as a solo writer, since in his previous books “I was lucky enough to share authorship with Jesús Copeiro”, highlights the writer and researcher from Huelva. Born in Huelva in 1970, Enrique C. Nielsen-Hidalgo Vigo has a degree in Teaching in the specialties of Sciences and Physical Education from the University of Seville and is currently a municipal sports technician at the Huelva City Council and a coach at the Onubense Athletics Club.

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