The Platform asks to activate the monitoring table of the San Silvestre tunnel unfolding

The Platform through the San Silvestre Tunnel has requested the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) that activate the monitoring table for the San Silvestre tunnel unfolding project.

The communication, which took place by letter, took place two weeks after the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, was in Huelva to participate in a meeting in which representatives of the different water users were present. goes through the tunnel, all members of the platform. “At that meeting we transferred the importance of having this project monitoring table and being part of it,” explained the Platform.

For this reason, the Platform has asked MITECO to start it up and has informed it who its members would be at this table. In this case, these are the people who are already part of your internal committee. With this letter, “we would like to formalize this request that we proposed to you in our last meeting, the creation of a bilateral table that could help us to maintain constant communication between the two parties and that would be informative.”

With this monitoring table, the Platform for the San Silvestre Tunnel, which is made up of more than 30 members, social, economic, etc., “wants to have direct and continuous contact about the work around the unfolding, to fulfill its constant commitment to always keep all its members and citizens informed, while monitoring the project ”.

The Platform has once again made itself available to MITECO to “work so that the tunnel unfolding is a reality as soon as possible”.

Concern about deadlines.

After the last deadlines announced by Hugo Morán in Huelva, the Platform has shown its concern that they will mean that we will not have the tunnel unfolding until the end of 2025 or the beginning of 2026, “and that we will spend the next 5 years in the same situation as the current one , wondering what would happen if something happened in the current tunnel ”.

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