Events in Cartaya, Isla, San Juan, Aljaraque, La Palma, Ayamonte and Punta against violence against women

“On the occasion of November 25, in the Cartaya Town Hall We revalidate our commitment to the victims, to society and to the future, and we are not going to take a single step back in our fight for a fairer, freer and more egalitarian society ”. With this commitment, the mayor, Pepa González Bayo, closed the reading of the institutional manifesto with which the City Council of Cartaya has vindicated the joint and equal struggle of the entire society of Cartagena against gender violence, at 25 N.

The local councilor, supported by her Government Team and members of the rest of the Corporation, began her speech by remembering the 37 women murdered by their partners or ex-partners so far this year, in addition to the 5 minors who have been fatalities. direct from this violence, and to the 24 orphans under 18 years of age. “A violence, – he assured, that breaks us as a society.”

To face it, said Consolación Benítez, “it is necessary the joint work of all administrations to put in place prevention and assistance mechanisms, and resources to fight against gender violence, to reinforce public employment policies aimed at women victims. ”.

In addition, the institutional manifesto emphasizes stimulating social responsibility, continuing to work on the empowerment of rural women, and on the protection of victims, through collaboration with the Justice and the Police.

“This is a municipality that against the mistreatment of women has zero tolerance,” said the local councilor who guaranteed the municipal commitment to continue moving forward and reaching out to women who suffer this violence and their children. “

The performance of Raquel Martín Jiménez, political scientist, sociologist and playwright focused precisely on the victims, and closed the central act of a week full of activities and workshops in the local educational centers and in the municipal Equality Center. All of these activities, Benítez recalled, “that give continuity to a work that we carry out throughout the year to respond to the needs of the victims, to whom we always have our hand out to help them.”


Like every year, the Isla Cristina Town Hall launches, through the Delegation of Equality and the Municipal Center for Information for Women, the CIM, the Campaign, the twelfth, Against Violence against Women, aimed at all citizens and with special emphasis on the collective youth.

Thus, the central act of this campaign ahead of Wednesday 24, for reasons of celebration of the Plenary of the City Council today 25N, consisted of a Concentration in the Paseo de las Flores, from where a protest and silent march started as a sign of rejection of this scourge social that ended in the gardens of the City Hall.

Once there, the violet lighting of the City Hall façade and the setting of Wings as a symbol of freedom were applied to end with the reading of two Manifests against Sexist Violence, one in the voice of the Children’s Mayor in which it was given a voice to the girls and boys of Isla Cristina and another to which the mayor of the town gave a voice.

It should be remembered that the Awareness Campaign in which the Concentration and the March are framed was launched with a contest of Awareness Posters against Gender Violence from which the poster announcing the central Act of 25N came out. Likewise, stickers with the legend ‘No to Sexist Violence’ have been distributed by different establishments, businesses and entities of the town.

Regarding the educational aspect of the Campaign, the local HEIs are working on the issue of Gender Violence through an awareness initiative under the heading ‘I want to be free with you.’

The campaign will end on December 11 with the play ‘Salta María’, which the Mimo Marcel company brings to the Horacio Noguera Theater and whose tickets are already on sale at the Municipal Delegation of Culture.


Sanjuaneros and Sanjuaneras have raised their voices this morning in the Plaza de España with the central act that the consistory has organized on this November 25 when the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is commemorated. Representatives of the “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” Association have come to the center, students from various educational centers who with banners have launched numerous messages in the fight for the freedom and safety of all women.

In the reading of the manifesto, in which representatives of the CLIA and the Housewives participated, the Councilor for Equality indicated “in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Calle Dos Plazas we have mounted this exhibition where in each star there is a name, some acronym, an age of each of the 39 women murdered so far this year and of the 5 minors, boys and girls who have also been murdered. This is another type of violence that is also carried out against women, hitman violence ”-he adds. The City Council encourages the neighborhood to participate in all activities throughout the year “this is not an issue that is worked on in a single day, all women and men, boys and girls must raise awareness, sensitize and report so that we live in a people and in a society where we feel free and respected ”-he stressed.


One more November 25 Aljaraque has once again said loud and clear ‘No to violence against women’. In an emotional public act in which members of different education centers, associations,
members of the Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents, neighbors, representatives of the consistory, municipal technicians of the Equality Area and agents of the state security forces and bodies, also showing various audiovisual pieces there, all have highlighted the need to carry out a joint effort to end this scourge.

In this sense, the councilor for Social Services, Equality, Children, Seniors, Social Welfare and Education, Gema Hinestrosa, has highlighted the initiative recently carried out throughout the municipality under the name ‘The heartbeat of the butterflies depends on our attitude’ that she intended promote global awareness to end violence against women and that, as he explained, “has filled the streets, squares and houses of the entire municipality with purple butterflies, which confirms the involvement of all sectors against this serious problematic, something that has been possible thanks to numerous groups, institutions and people who have thus wanted to join this important day and the confrontation with this problem ”.


In commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Department of Equality of the Palmerino consistory has organized a series of activities whose central axis has been the reading today of a manifesto in the Plaza de España of the town and the distribution of ties. Reading made by the Councilor for Social Affairs and Equality, Antonia García, who in this way shows solidarity with all the victims, “we share their pain and that of their families,” he said. He was accompanied by the mayor of the city, Manuel García Félix, and a representation of the municipal corporation.

The manifesto emphasizes that the health crisis of the convi-19 has diminished the attention to those who suffer this type of violence in the home, “it is necessary to redouble efforts so that confronting violence against women becomes a priority in the measures of recovery and response to covid-19 “and advocated joining efforts” to be able to alleviate the real damage caused in the lives of women and girls at all levels. ” Members of different local groups have also intervened with strong phrases about violence against women.


Within the campaign that the Ayamonte City Council is developing, against Gender Violence, today has arrived one of the most important moments, coinciding with the 25 N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, where it has been a series of activities in the Plaza de La Laguna and the Puerta del ayamontino consistory, and for this they have been present among others, the Mayor of Ayamonte, Natalia Santos, members of the Municipal Corporation, Ayamonte Red Cross, Caracola-Esuri Association, students and students from different educational centers in the town, as well as many citizens who have wanted to be present.

A demonstration was held for women victims of gender violence, the “White Hands Against Sexual Violence” activity was also held, and a manifesto was finally read.


the mayor of Punta Umbría, Aurora Águedo, has read a manifesto “to show the commitment of our town to this scourge.” In Águedo’s words, “ending this problem is everyone’s responsibility. And the administrations can only reinforce our work to help violence against women come to an end ”.

The mayor has indicated that “since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new data and reports presented by those on the front line reveal that all kinds of violence against women and girls has intensified, especially violence In the home”.

After the manifesto, the event continued with a reading of poems by the delegate councilor for Equality, Valentina Esteban, and the writers Manuela Lozano, Paqui Aquino, Ana Deacracia and Lola Guevara accompanied by the violin music of Ana Krenes.

This has been the central activity of the events that the Punta Umbría City Council has organized this week to commemorate this day, which joins the actions of local entities and educational centers, and which will continue in the coming days.

Tomorrow Friday, November 26 in the morning, there will be a painting of pedestrian crossings and the placement of signs within the A3Media campaign ‘Against Abuse, tolerance 0’. In the afternoon, the multipurpose room of the Cultural Center will host the short film session ‘Corta con el Machismo’, organized by the Casa de la Juventud.

Also on Friday, they will begin the realization of a graffiti alluding to the campaign against violence against women that will be designed by Jacobo Palos Wey and that will be painted in the Antonio Gil Hernández sports center.

Finally, on Saturday, November 27, the ‘Violeta Tide’ will be held, a recreational-sporting activity in Plaza 26 de Abril from 12 noon with a Zumba master class.

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