Huelva will have a new Employment Office in March 2022

The city of Huelva will have a new Employment Office in March 2022 belonging to the network of offices and centers of the Andalusian Employment Service in Huelva, SAE, that Unfold and alleviate administrative workload and functions that generates the current SE-Muñoz de Vargas Office, located in the neighborhood of Isla Chica from the capital and that it needs major reforms and other improvement actions.

The third SAE Office will be located on Avenida Hispanoamérica, in the Port of Huelva area, next to Casa del Mar, where the SAE has already arranged an investment of 80,289.97 euros with the start of the conditioning works for the first module , of 198 m², of the two that will make up this new administrative center built on a plot of 1,021 m² of total area and which will be completed within three months to start the care here correctly, reducing the difficulties of the workers of the SAE and SEPE, as well as users of the current Isla Chica facilities, which are quite limited due to lack of space.

In the presentation of the Modernization Plan of the Network of Employment Offices of the SAE designed by the Provincial Directorate of the SAE in Huelva, the territorial delegate for Employment, Training, Self-Employment, Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, Antonio Augustín, underlines that “the third SAE Office in the capital is launched in order to offer a more comfortable, dignified and efficient service to the unemployed and companies that are served daily in the two offices that the capital has, the SAE-La Orden Office and SAE-Muñoz de Vargas Office. “

“In this sense, –explains- the SAE-Muñoz de Vargas Office, which serves in an oversized way, a high volume of population with annual records that reach 279,275 job applications and an average monthly service of 2,024 users, will count from from 2022 with new facilities. It is a third administrative center of the Andalusian Public Employment Service to solve, finally, the permanent and prolonged situation of overcrowding in the center of Isla Chica, given the physical limitations that make it impossible to provide correct and adequate care to all its users. “

The territorial delegate explained that “this action allows responding to a pending debt with citizens, a fact that will improve the quality of care, guaranteeing the corresponding security and confidentiality measures” and has reported that “in the first In the quarter of 2022, the division of Muñoz de Vargas will become effective to begin to serve simultaneously in both offices, according to a population distribution that we are studying at this time, and that, a priori, would bring users of the municipalities that are served in this office and nearby districts, something that is currently under study. “

The attention of users from March 2022 in the new extension of the SAE-Muñoz de Vargas, will allow to face different reforms and urgent improvements in the headquarters of Isla Chica, at the same time that in this same plot where now there is only one module built, the SAE will proceed to the construction of an annex building, subject to the Renovation Plan of the Ministry of Labor, with a state budget of 642,000 euros for the realization of the Detail Study and construction of the property, over 600 square meters, and whose works will give beginning in the first quarter of 2022.

Antonio Augustín has outlined that “the new Office will be made up of two buildings, one remodeled that we have started to fix and which is self-financed and the other of new construction (with state funding) that will allow the recovery of this space that belonged to the Forja XXI Foundation. (closed since 2006) and that the SAE will adapt to the city of Huelva and inhabitants of the corresponding municipalities. It seems to me worth highlighting that from the SAE we are finally recovering this space, with an unbeatable location and two buildings, fully equipped, which will be fully completed within a maximum period of 2 years. “

In the presentation of the Modernization Plan for the SAE Offices in Huelva, it was also reported that, simultaneously, the SAE is working to open another large space for job seekers and companies. This is the project already approved and in execution for the construction of the SAE-La Orden Employment Office in Huelva, which will be located on the site of Calle Doctor Emilio Haya Prats, number 13, in the Seminario area, in the neighborhood of The order.

In this regard, the delegate has detailed that “the location of the plot is located in a BIC area, which has complicated the building, since it requires carrying out the mandatory preventive archaeological activities according to the regulations. These tastings are being carried out at the moment and have a maximum duration of two months ”.

Once the favorable study by the archaeologists has been completed, an improved, spacious and comfortable office will be built for the rest of the residents of the capital and the towns of San Bartolomé de la Torre, Gibraleón, Trigueros and Beas, completed in the first half of 2023.

“It was about time”, said the territorial delegate for Employment, who commented that “for too long this space and a better public service for Huelva people had been claimed when, obviously, it was needed. A challenge that has taken us more than two years of work by the SAE in Huelva and that, given the limitations of the two offices in the capital, motivates us to work more, streamlining procedures and all kinds of procedures to be able to start these works as soon as possible and the three offices can be fully operational as soon as possible. “

SAE-Muñoz de Vargas

Shared by two administrations, the future premises of the SAE-Muñoz de Vargas Office will be framed in the State Plan for the Renovation of Employment Offices, to serve users registered in the postal codes 21001, 21003, 21004, 21006 and 21007 and the terms municipalities of Palos de la Frontera, Aljaraque and Punta Umbría, reaching in the last 12 months a total of 117,627 records of job applications made by men and 161,648 records of claims by women.

Also designated as an Employment Center attached to the ATE Huelva Capital Territorial Employment Area, currently 20 members of the SAE and 12 of the SEPE provide their service, the launch of the new headquarters, would allow the expansion of the spaces dedicated to providing information to the citizen , the ICT Zone, Demand Area, device for professional guidance Andalusia Orienta and the Business Service Area.

The SAE-Muñoz de Vargas Office has recorded up to 76,647 demand renewals in the last 12 months, with a monthly average of 6,387 renewals, of which practically all were carried out through telematic means, which gives an idea of the implementation of new technologies in daily management, especially determined by the facilities available to job seekers by the Employment Department together with the job renewals in a pandemic period with the declaration of the state of alarm.

In relation to the attention provided directly to the applicants, the 16,601 appointments made throughout the year 2020 stand out. Regarding the appointments in 2021, this office has attended a monthly average of 2,024 face-to-face visits (which have been a minority due to of the anticovid measures), telephone and telematic attention.

Attention from the Andalusia Orienta vocational guidance device located in the office shows a balance of 2,575 users who have passed through these facilities in the last 12 months, of which 891 are men and 1,684 women in a situation of active job search. Finally, it is worth highlighting the management and processing of 314 job offers that have mobilized up to 643 jobs.

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