Individual and free evaluations of memory at Casa Colón

The Chimney Room of the Colon house is hosting throughout this Thursday day free individual memory evaluations made by professionals of the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s and other dementias patients of Huelva and Province (AFA), with the support of the Huelva City Council. An activity from which 75 people from Huelva will be able to benefit and which is aimed at the early prevention of this disease among people over 55 years of age.

East ‘Memory Barometer’ has received the visit of the Councilor for Citizen Participation and Sports, María Teresa Flores, who highlighted “the importance of taking up a program in this municipal space for another year that aims to help normalize and de-dramatize memory problems and favor thus early diagnosis, in order to prevent possible cognitive dependencies ”.

For her part, the president of the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s and other dementias patients in Huelva and Province, Rocío Muñoz, also wanted to point out that “this is a program that we started at AFA in 2012, since we believed that It was a necessity that the population was aware of what Alzheimer’s disease is and that Huelva citizens also knew that they should not be scared by the misgivings or subjective complaints of memory typical of age, providing them, however, the opportunity for our psychologists and psychologists can assess them ”.

For this reason, for the City Council, which maintains a collaboration agreement with AFA to support this entity throughout the year, it has been very positive to resume in person an activity that is of great help to learn to distinguish the symptoms of this disease of what can be forgetfulness typical of age. In this way, the municipal priority is to continue advancing in citizen awareness and in the prevention of Alzheimer’s at the hands of this entity, whose work is fundamental in Huelva for the treatment of this hard disease.

In this way, through this new day of ‘Memory Barometer’ the City Council wants to support AFA again to make possible the development in the city of an orientation program that is a priority for this entity and that allows to raise awareness of fundamental questions about Alzheimer’s disease, mainly those related to clinical diagnosis.

In this sense, it must be remembered that AFA has been a reference entity in Huelva for more than twenty years, since its care work and close attention allow it to offer a higher quality and life expectancy to Huelva patients with Alzheimer’s, as well as to guide to thousands of people on how to tackle this disease, prevent it and delay it, also helping to relieve the burden on their families.

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