Moguer pays tribute to victims of gender violence with the reading of an institutional manifesto

The City Council of Moguer continues to develop the social awareness activities program that has been designed by the Municipal Information Center for Women on the occasion of the International Day for the Rejection of Violence against Women.

This Thursday the reading of the Institutional Manifesto against gender violence that was approved by the municipal plenary session, a document that calls for the maximum involvement of public administrations in the fight against any type of violence against women, with which the 37 women who have lost their lives this year have also been remembered hands of their partners or ex-partners.

Women’s associations, social groups, educational centers, municipal workers and residents in a personal capacity, gathered at 12 noon in the town hall square to express once again the rejection of the municipality of Moguer, its City Council and its civil society , towards any type of sexist violence.

The mayor Gustavo Cuéllar and the Councilor for Equality Pilar Rodríguez have presided over the citizen rally along with practically the entire local corporation, which was held together with a huge purple ribbon on which 37 candles had been placed in remembrance and tribute to the victims of this terrible social scourge this year.

In his speech, Gustavo Cuéllar once again insisted that this fight against gender violence is “a race that we have to win every day, because unfortunately every day we continue to witness episodes against the dignity and life of women” . The mayor has insisted on the importance of coeducation “because it is essential that our children and young people grow up in full equality and learn from an early age to value and respect everything that women offer to our society, and also to oppose and report any behavior sexist”.

After the mayor’s words, the councilor Pilar Rodríguez read the institutional manifesto approved unanimously in the last Municipal Plenary, a document that affirms one more year the unwavering will of the Moguer City Council to use all the means at its disposal to end this terrible A scourge that unfortunately is still present in a society that cannot reach modernity without first achieving effective and real gender equality.

The citizen rally concluded with an emotional minute of silence in tribute to all the victims of violence against women.

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