The educational centers of Huelva are filled with activities against sexist violence

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women has been held in the educational community of Huelva with numerous activities. One of the centers involved in this commemoration, the CEIP Giner de los Ríos, has received a visit from the delegate of Education and Sports, Estela Villalba, who has highlighted “the work that is done by the educational centers in the eradication of violence towards women, not only in the fight against this social scourge, but in prevention, in the awareness of students, in the need to educate to achieve a more egalitarian and equitable society for women ”.

Villalba took advantage of the visit to congratulate the center for its Equality Plan and “for the daily commitment to education, the work methodology used and attention to the diversity of the students, promoting the inclusion of the students and fighting day by day for the equality, for peace and against violence and bullying ”. which intends, in an integral way, that the educational community acquire and practice the egalitarian and democratic values ​​that society needs ”.

The Giner de los Ríos center has organized the day around the artistic work of the Afghan graffiti artist Shamsia Hassani, who for months has been portraying the nightmare that the return of the Taliban has meant for the Afghan population and especially for women. Each class has selected a Shamsia graffiti and has reproduced it in different rooms of the center. An activity in which the families have also participated, as a symbol of the union of the entire educational community to eradicate this social scourge, and which has ended with the staging of the song “Finished tears”, by Huecco.

Activities in other centers

For its part, the IPEP (Provincial Institute of Permanent Education) of Huelva has prepared for the week of November 22 to November 26, a cycle of activities around Coeducational Reading, on the occasion of both the celebration of this anniversary, as well as the realization of the Book Fair of said institute.

This center has promoted activities on literature and art made by women in the first half of the century, and for this reason, scenes about women artists in that historical period will be projected. There will also be a poetry recital prepared by the students of the 2nd year of Baccalaureate and the ESPA in person. In addition, the lecture by historian José Martín de Toro on ‘The woman during the postwar period’ will serve to contextualize this little-known artistic production.

The last conference, the highlight of this cycle of activities, will be chanted by Marithania Silvero Casanova, who will speak about ‘Women in science’, on Friday, November 26. This young Huelva-born mathematician has a long professional and research career, despite her youth. Among the mentions that distinguish his work, the award of the Vicent Caselles Mathematical Research Prize, in 2019, awarded by the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) and the BBVA Foundation, to distinguish those researchers whose doctoral work is pioneering and influential in the international research in Mathematics.

The IES La Marisma also has activities programmed throughout the week, together with the IES La Orden, ranging from theaters run by the students of the center, to the preparation and reading of micro-stories, through online training on “prevention of sexual violence”, or “What to do in a case of gender violence” by the Andalusian Institute for Women (IAM).

The IES Vázquez Díaz de Nerva, with the motto “Your Voice is + Necessary” will celebrate its II “Laura Luelmo” Literary Contest organized by the Department of Spanish Language and Literature with the collaboration of the Equality Plan and the School Libraries Project. This contest presents two modalities, one local and the other provincial. Students will be able to present stories, poetry, theatrical dialogues, epistolary genre (letters), opinion articles, personal reflections or testimonies, creative twitter messages, etc.

These are just a few examples of the events held by all educational centers in the province on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to demand a society free of violence in general and against women in particular. Education is the best vaccine against inequality and preventive work in our educational centers is essential for the construction of a better society for everyone.

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