Parralo highlights the Government’s commitment to the fight against sexist violence

The Subdelegate of the Government in Huelva Manuela Parralo has chaired this Thursday a institutional act on the occasion of the celebration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, in which she has been accompanied by heads of the State Security Forces and Bodies, AGE agencies, sub-delegation personnel and citizens in general.

The act has begun with the reading the manifesto official of the Government of Spain in which, as Parralo has highlighted, “the commitment of this Government in the fight against sexist violence is declared, working in the international arena to continue deepening the achievements of these years and to stop the attempts to setback pursued by denial policies of sexist violence sustained by the extreme right ”.

As stated “to continue advancing in the achievement of a society free of sexist violence, the Government of Spain is promoting new normative instruments, such as the Organic Law for the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom, the purpose of which is to promote prevention, comprehensive care, protection, justice and reparation against the different forms of sexual violence and the future comprehensive law against trafficking in women ”.

Finally, as the subdelegate of the Government has also ratified “the policies of homage and recognition of the victims, as well as the establishment of reparation measures are, likewise, a priority for this government.”

In short, the Government recognizes “that the fight against sexist violence is a central policy in achieving a more just, free and egalitarian country.”

They have subsequently read the names of the 37 women murdered this year, including that of the woman from Huelva who was murdered in the town of Marmolejo. Afterwards, all attendees have saved a minute of silence in memory of these women and the minors also murdered in 2021.

Since 2003, when they began to be counted, a total of 1,118 women have been murdered in our country due to gender violence. Along with them, 44 minors have been murdered, and 307 minors have been orphaned since 2013.

As of September 30, the Comprehensive Monitoring System for cases of gender violence, the VioGén System, collects 67,912 active cases in Spain, that is, women who are subject to police monitoring, and whose level of risk of recidivism of a new offense episode of violence varies according to the moment and the circumstances that surround it. Of these cases, 18,810 are registered in Andalusia and 1,256 in Huelva. Likewise, and on the same date, 24 of those victims of gender violence are between 14 and 17 years old. The monitoring of these cases and the protection of these women and their children, is carried out by the State Security Forces and Bodies, and by the Local Police of the 14 Huelva municipalities integrated into the VioGén System.

These figures continue to show that despite the progress made, it is necessary to continue strengthening measures and resources for the eradication of gender-based violence. For this reason, the approval of a 32 million euro grant to the Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) has been announced to improve the management of the Atenpro service for victims of sexist violence. This service of the Government Delegation against gender violence, which is provided through the Red Cross, serves a total of 161 women victims of gender violence in our province, mainly in rural areas. Similarly, the 016 service for attention to all forms of violence against women will be reinforced with a transfer of 35 million.

The ‘red bank’

Placed in the current headquarters of the Government Sub-delegation, the red bank bears a plaque with the phrase: “In memory of all the women murdered by those who claimed to love them”, in addition to a plaque commemorating the campaign. It is an international peaceful initiative that began in Italy in 2016, led by Malena Rubistein in Spain, an initiative that has spread throughout the world. The objective is prevention, information and awareness against gender violence and femicide.

As explained by the Head of the Violence Unit in the Government Sub-delegation, Isabel Román, “the bank symbolizes the place that no longer occupies each woman because it is the end to which sexist violence leads if it is not stopped in time” and pretends to be a reminder for the whole year.

The actions organized on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, will conclude next week with a Conference on “Recognition of rights and benefits of state competence to victims of gender violence” –

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