CSIF concentrates against sexist violence in its provincial headquarters, which is already Punto Violeta

The CSIF union has maintained this Thursday a concentration at its provincial headquarters in the capital on the occasion of 25N, on rejection of sexist violence and in support of women victims of this scourge, at whose disposal the trade union organization has made itself available for care and advice through the so-called Violet Points.

Precisely framed in its role as a social agent, CSIF has enabled its headquarters on Diego de Almagro street as a Violet Point within this initiative that aims to surround the abuser and bring the resources of the trade union center closer to the women victims, providing information and advice , in addition to the collaboration of their union delegates in the work centers.

With the ‘You have the Word’ campaign, the union highlights the importance of taking a step forward, “of raising their voices, each one from their personal, social and professional responsibility to report, ask for help, support, offer justice to victims, training and education in equality and against sexist violence ”as stated in his protest manifesto on the occasion of 25N.

In this document, CSIF collects a battery of claims that it considers essential, such as relaunching the State Pact against gender violence and making it permanent; specific programs throughout the public administration regarding training in assistance to victims and specialization in profiles; promote the negotiation of Collective Agreements and Equality Plans for the development of the labor rights of victims of sexist violence.

Finally, CSIF emphasizes strengthening legal assistance to women victims before, during and after the entire judicial process, and designing a strategy to detect, within the workplace, both in the private sector and in public administrations, possible victims of gender violence, with the development of the figure of the union delegate specialized in Equality and against Gender Violence.

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