The Violence against Women Reading in Huelva of the manifesto of the Board against violence against women

The Violence against Women Reading in Huelva of the manifesto of the Board against violence against women In the Delegation of the Government of the Board in Huelva the reading of the manifesto by the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, this Thursday morning. The territorial delegate for Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation, Manuel Antonio Conde, and the Program advisor of the Andalusian Institute for Women (IAM), María Martín, have participated in it. The delegate of the Andalusian Government in Huelva, Bella Verano, has been absent from the event for health reasons.


On this November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía wants to reaffirm its firm rejection against the violence suffered by Andalusian women. We condemn each of the sexist murders that occurred in 2021, as well as all the physical, psychological, sexual and economic aggressions suffered by women at all levels and contexts of society for the simple fact of being.

This Government is ratified in its determination to always remain on the side of the victims, pursuing crime and seeking justice and social reparation for women, children and affected environments.

We have guaranteed, consolidated and reinforced all the essential resources and services for attention to gender violence through the Andalusian Institute for Women, increasing its budget and centralizing the competences in the field of gender violence and its position as coordinating body of these policies .

And these actions do not stop here, but we continue working on new measures, such as:
– The Andalusian Strategy for the Fight Against Trafficking in Women and Girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation, which we approved in this Governing Council.
– As well as the Comprehensive Plan for Awareness and Prevention against Gender Violence and the Strategic Plan for Equality of Women and Men in Andalusia that we are finalizing.

Each and every one of the people who make up this Government are committed to the fight against gender violence.

But, in addition, this year we want to request the support of Andalusian women and men in a special way. Andalusia is a benchmark for its network of care for victims of gender violence, but our women, sons and daughters need society to redouble its commitment, increase its involvement and become an active element in the eradication of any type of aggression and threatens.

A democratic and plural society like that of Andalusia cannot allow a single case of gender-based violence and that is why this Government asks Andalusians to raise their voices, that in the face of any indication of physical or verbal aggression, give Step forward and report it. We need the involvement of the immediate surroundings of the victims to be able to bring resources and services closer to them, to reach all corners of our community and to be able to detect early and offer an exit door and survival to the victims.

More and more women are breaking the silence and asking for help. And more and more people around them are alerting us to risky situations. This is the way forward for more and more Andalusians to go from being victims to survivors.

We appeal to all citizens to concentrate our rejection as a society in this 25N, through the different routes and actions that are concentrated throughout the Autonomous Community; as well as showing all our support to all the Andalusian women affected, as well as their families and affected environments, their sons and daughters, and women survivors of sexist violence.

In the face of gender violence there can be no debates, no partisan or ideological confrontations because as a democracy we have to move in the same direction.

For this reason, it must be a commitment of the Government, of all political forces, of social agents, of women’s associations, of universities, and in general, of the entire Andalusian society.

The Andalusian Government, in its firm commitment to building an egalitarian society where Andalusians and Andalusians enjoy the same rights, continues to take firm and accurate steps to eradicate gender violence from our land.

For an egalitarian Andalusia free of sexist violence.

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