Institutional declaration against gender violence in San Juan

The Municipal Corporation of San Juan del Puerto held in the afternoon of this Thursday ordinary plenary session, on a day that commemorated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Hence, they agreed that the session would begin with the reading of a institutional statement signed by Mayor Rocío Cárdenas against Gender Violence by Professor José Toscano Pinzón.

Among other paragraphs, the statement included “as stated in the State Pact against Gender Violence, the different types of violence suffered by women require specific and comprehensive laws to adapt the need for intervention and protection to each type of violence. . It is important to consider that sexual freedom cannot just be that they do not violate us, that they do not harass us, that they do not intimidate us. Combating sexual violence must include a new framework in which women can have sexual relations in conditions of freedom, equality and security. We must promote sex-affective education so that sexual relations, in addition to being consensual, are desired and pleasant.

For all that, and in the face of all that, from the San Juan del Puerto City Council we reaffirm our commitment to feminism, to the fight against sexist violence and to effective equality between women and men. Only a society in which women do not suffer violence because they are women can be considered completely free, only a democracy free from sexist violence is a full democracy.

From this city council we will continue working and taking actions so that this becomes a reality ”- he concluded.

Then the points included in the agenda began with the approval of the previous minutes and the approval of the opinion of the Information Commission of Finance and Special Accounts on the provisional approval of the modification of the fiscal ordinance regulating the fee for issuance of specific administrative documents. In the same way, the plenary session of the City Council unanimously gave the green light to a file related to the purging of accounting balances for closed fiscal years.

The approval of the budget modification 2681/2021 and the beginning of the procedure of the future Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan were submitted to the consideration of the political groups “a very important plan to turn San Juan del Puerto into a more sustainable, fair and friendly with the environment ”, pointed out the first mayor.

Immediately afterwards, he would see approved initially and unanimously the specific modification number 13 of the PGOU in the change of use of the plot of the old market as well as the Regulation of Honors and Distinctions of the Town “it was a commitment that we had for some years in bringing it to the full and that thanks to the Puebla Charter we gave institutional status to January 10, but we had an old regulation that needed to be updated and thanks to the will of the entire Corporation we have it here ”–the mayor stressed.

With the administrative concession of the pilot project of the Acciona Foundation by urgent means, the reports, decrees of the mayor’s office and requests and questions concluded the session.

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