A ‘red bench’ in the Infanta Elena in memory of the victims of gender violence

The Infanta Elena Hospital has wanted to join the international campaign of the ‘Red Bank’ on support for women who have suffered gender-based violence, with the installation of a representative bench on the facade of the main building that, with the motto ‘In memory of all the women murdered by those who claimed to love them ‘, aims to make visible a difficult reality and remember, as people and as health professionals in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, your support and your collaboration to end abuse. “A very serious problem suffered by women, professionals have highlighted, but in which we are all involved.”

It is an initiative from Italy, which began in 2016 in the Italian town of Perugia and encourages the installation of these benches in public areas as spaces for reflection and denunciation, adding a red color to make them more visible. and that symbolizes the blood shed by so many women who have been victims of gender violence. Each one of them carries an emblematic phrase that helps to think and never confuse love with violence.

The ‘red bench’ of the Infanta Elena Hospital, as a perennial reminder of that commitment of its workers, was inaugurated this morning by the management of the hospital center, in an act in which they have been accompanied by workers from different services, who have participated in the concentration called for today, in which a minute of silence has been observed and a manifesto has been read in favor of the victims and of total and absolute rejection against violence.

During the concentration, the workers have carried posters made in the center, which has illuminated its main entrance with lilac lights, the color of the fight against gender violence, encouraging women to break the situation of abuse and highlighting their willingness to listen and collaborate, knowing that in many cases, the health institution is the first to attend to a woman in this situation.

Professionals will wear a lilac mask today. A symbolic gesture that joins the rest of the activities organized for today, which will also be collected on the social networks of the hospital center (@InfantaElenaH), with which they have wanted to make the problem visible and, above all, to highlight the commitment of all, collectively and individually, in this fight against the elimination of violence against women.

This initiative is part of the measures taken by the Commission on Gender Violence of the Infanta Elena Hospital, made up of professionals from different categories and services that work throughout the year to incorporate measures and protocols that improve the care provided to victims. also coordinating the training of professionals in this field and trying to improve all those aspects related to prevention and care from the social and health environment. The commission also works jointly and in coordination with all institutions related to women at risk of violence.

Precisely in the extraordinary meeting held this morning, the assignment of the Hospital to the accreditation program for ‘Centers committed against gender violence’ has been approved. An initiative promoted by the General Directorate of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Management of the Ministry of Health and Families, with the aim of forming a network of centers specialized in comprehensive care for women victims of gender violence.

An accreditation process by the Andalusian Health Quality Agency, which includes numerous measures and good practices to be implemented in the field of addressing gender-based violence. This distinctive recognizes the Hospital’s commitment in this area and allows women to can identify them as safe and specialized environments in this type of violence.

The measures included address different aspects related to the care and management of the centers, such as the training of professionals, the systems for detection, intervention and follow-up of cases, coordination with individualized care teams and other administrations, as well as such as awareness, prevention and community work.

The program is funded by the Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence of the Ministry of Equality, within the framework of the State Pact against Gender Violence, and constitutes the first example of the implementation of a system certifying centers against gender violence, identifying those public or private centers, educational, health centers or any other area, in which special importance is given to the prevention and detection of gender violence.

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