The heron ‘Greta’, seriously injured by gunfire from hunters in Doñana

‘Greta’ is a heron well known and loved in the environment of Doñana national park.

This bird, of the species called Little Heron, was in charge every day to rid of insects, especially horseflies, to the burritos who work in fire prevention eating dry grass in forest areas.

Volunteers from the ‘El Burrito Feliz’ Association, who is in charge of watching the donkeys, found her first thing in the morning lying down and unable to take flight.

Once collected, and with great amazement, they observed that the body of ‘Greta’ presented hunting cartridge impact injuries.

A shattered wing and other injuries heralded a sad end to an animal, which is a protected species and cannot be hunted, but was quickly taken to the recovery center that this Association has in Fennel.

‘Greta’ was really serious, but she showed an incredible will to live, “with which we decided to help her,” says Luis Manuel Bejarano, president of the Association. “The first thing to do is clean wounds and soothe her and then try to feed her with a raw fish-based porridge,” he explains.

A few days have passed and the desire to continue existing of this little animal has been rewarded with a manifest improvement. “She eats four times a day and she is already very animated, although she will not be able to be free again since her shattered wing prevents her from surviving in the wild.”

The Association ‘El Burrito Feliz’ describes its “indignation with these hunters who do not respect the principles and laws.” Fortunately – they add – “most of the hunters in the area are people who are very committed to the environment” and they do not want that, “due to isolated events, like this, all of them are marked in a negative way.”

Thus, the Association recommends “to notify the Seprona of the Civil Guard of any incident of this type so that the agents can put a stop to these surprises, surprisingly frequent, in the surroundings of Doñana.”

Once fully recovered, the heron ‘Greta’ will be delivered to CREA (Bird Recovery Center) so that they can take care of it in the spaces, specially enabled, for unrecoverable animals.

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