A minor denounced in Punta Umbría for driving a moped without a license

Last Saturday, agents of the Punta Umbría Local Police they proceeded to report criminally yet under 16 years old by Drive a moped lacking permission to do so.

Specifically, they explain from the Police Force through their social networks, the vehicle in question was known as citycoco. It’s about a electric moped that requires a driving license (registration), insurance, ITV, use of a helmet, AM driving license … In short, all the requirements of traditional mopeds.

The driver was denounced for an alleged crime against road safety for driving without a license and the vehicle deposited in police stations.

“We must not confuse these vehicles with the so-called VMP (personal mobility vehicles), increasingly frequent in our streets,” they emphasize from the Local Police. The VMPs are, among others, electric scooters that do not have a seat and today they do not need documentation (although they will in the future).

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