Fines of up to 90,000 euros for throwing firecrackers in Punta Umbría

The City Council of Punta Umbría has dictated a Band that prohibits the sale and use of pyrotechnic products in the municipality, except for those who have express authorization. The objective of this measure is to combine the celebration of the Christmas holidays with the safety of people, goods and animals.

As it appears in the Bando, its breach could imply financial penalties of between 100 and 90,151.61 euros.

The Bando states that the sale and use of firecrackers and the like must comply with Royal Decree 989/2015, of October 30, so the sale of this material must have an express authorization from the Government Delegation. In this sense, three categories of danger are established for prohibit the use and sale of artifacts to minors under 12, 16 and 18, respectively.

The launching of firecrackers or the like by non-professional personnel is also prohibited..

Furthermore, fireworks castles may only be installed and fired by professionals from duly legalized pyrotechnic workshops. The launching of rockets, firecrackers, firecrackers and the like in urban areas, due to their danger and risks to people and property as well as the noise that is produced, must comply with the provisions of Royal Decree 1367/2007, of October 19, which develops Law 37/2003 of November 17, on Noise.

The Mayor’s Office orders the Security Forces and Bodies to monitor compliance with the aforementioned Band and report any infractions that occur.

The surveillance will consist of pedestrian patrols throughout the town and one special review of shops.

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