150 activities will bring Christmas to every corner of Huelva

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, together with the president of Huelva Comercio, Antonio Gemio, presented this Thursday “in one of the most endearing events of the year”, the programming that the City Council has prepared to celebrate the Christmas in our city, with the involvement of different municipal areas and in collaboration with different groups in the city ”. A presentation that this year – he said – “is even more special, because it marks the celebration of the return of life to the streets, after the pandemic. An unprecedented health crisis, which has forced us to confinement and distancing ourselves and that now, under the premises of vaccination and a mask, we will be able to leave behind, taking advantage of Christmas, to celebrate it ”.

In this way, the mayor has presented “a cultural and leisure proposal that is one more example of our commitment to the city and the future, an exciting city, with much to offer, a welcoming and attractive city, with more than a hundred of activities to be held for more than a month, from November 26 to January 6, to reach every corner of the capital. A program with which it is intended, in addition to promoting coexistence, leisure and the enjoyment of culture and traditions by Huelva citizens, promoting tourism and trade with a wide, diverse and very attractive offer, as well as with a unique and innovative Christmas lighting.

Precisely, for this, This Friday, November 26, Christmas is lit in Huelva, coinciding with the Black Friday commercial party. Already the inauguration will become an authentic party, with concerts from 4.30 pm, at the door of the Huelva City Council, including “a countdown that in addition to activating the lighting, will serve to inaugurate a new stage, a new beginning.”

As the mayor of Huelva has detailed, “the municipal programming includes everything and for everyone, there will be a lot of Christmas in Huelva reaching all neighborhoods, like the lighting itself; looking at children; a Christmas with a lot of culture that continues to bet on keeping its traditions alive with the nativity scenes, the bell bells, the Christmas sweets or the flamenco zambombas, which return this year as one of the main activities of the festivities ».

Antonio Gemio, for his part, thanked the mayor “for the effort made to offer a program that will serve to encourage citizens to go out and visit local businesses in a momentous time for commerce, especially after a few months very tough for the sector ”, has invited Huelva residents to enjoy each and every one of the activities organized in collaboration with the Huelva City Council.


The Christmas program will begin with the lighting of the extraordinary lighting, on Friday, November 26, coinciding with Black Friday, inaugurating a lighting that continues to expand year after year and that on this occasion, has as a special element the Gran Vía tunnel, with almost half a kilometer, to enjoy a show of lights and music, where almost 100 shows have been programmed, organized in two daily, at 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. and three on weekends and holidays, reinforced with another at 9:00 p.m.

But the Gran Vía will not be the only epicenter this Christmas. In the Paseo Santa Fe a Christmas Market or Town will be recreated, with 21 booths, 19 for sale and two to house the Santa Claus House and the Post Office. The Market will be divided into two phases, the first for Christmas decoration and food, from Friday to December 12, with nativity scenes, natural fir trees, chocolate or decorations, among others, and a second phase focused on gifts and crafts, from December 14 December to January 5, with artisan products and original gift ideas.

But in addition, in the Paseo Santa Fe the House of Santa Fe will be enabled, with his presence accompanied by two assistants from November 26 to December 23, when he will be replaced by two royal pages ready to collect some letters that can be written in the Post Office, where there will be space for it and 10,000 letters will be distributed, in addition to giving eight children’s workshops with a very diverse theme, focused on promoting the creativity of our children, with chocolate creations, watercolor stories, Christmas decorations, balloon twisting , Christmas postcards or creative bracelets.

Another of the Christmas epicenters in the city will be in the Plaza de Las Monjas, where there will be a stage, for the celebration of about twenty performances, mainly aimed at children. Of course, there will be Christmas at the Gran Teatro, with lots of music, concerts, theater, opera and musicals.

But as Gabriel Cruz has assured, Christmas will also come to the neighborhoods, mainly recovering the tradition of the Zambomba, “filling Christmas with our best flamenco, with proposals in El Torrejón, but also in Isla Chica and in La Orden, both in Los Desniveles, as in the Plaza Cristo del Perdón in collaboration with his Brotherhood ”.

In addition to Zambombas, there will also be performances by children and campanilleros in Pérez Cubillas, La Navidad and Polígono San Sebastián.

In Isla Chica, the ice rink returns, more than 400 square meters open and children’s attractions to the Plaza del Estadio, also resuming the celebration of ‘the pre-grapes’ on December 30 at Plaza Houston, with musical performances. In addition, Cruz stressed that “this year, we are going to include the distribution of Christmas flowers that we traditionally carry out at the beginning of December in the Central Streets, reaching 1,500 businesses in the city”.

Also, with the intention of “continuing to fill spaces”, the mayor has referred to the Plaza Doce Octubre, to remember on Saturday, December 4, the celebration of a Flashmob Rock “which is going to become an unprecedented show in the city, uniting more than 60 musicians from Huelva ”, while in the Plaza de la Soledad, there will also be children’s attractions this year,“ to continue supporting the fairground community, give leisure options to the little ones and energize the city ”.

Christmas will also come to the markets, El Carmen, and San Sebastián, reinforcing their Christmas decorations from the first week of December, with vinyls, congratulatory messages with lights, garlands of led lights and inflatable Christmas elements in El Carmen, and a 3-meter Christmas tree, garlands for each stand and hanging inflatable Christmas elements, in the one in San Sebastián.

Being aware of the importance of this time for commerce, Cruz reiterated that “all these activities also have the objective of encouraging Huelva residents to visit our local businesses, therefore, also in this framework, the first week of December, we will present a Christmas video to specifically promote purchases these days in local stores, as we did last year with that atypical Christmas “.

On the other hand, the Huelva City Council will install the traditional nativity scene, made by Antonio Quiñones, which will once again be a nod to the old Huelva, uniting tradition, heritage and hallmark and the Plaza de la Constitución will host another musical show of the Onujazz Band on December 27.

Meanwhile, in a decorated Casa Colón, a reinforcement of the Tourist Point will be installed and the Huelva graphic artists will show their work in an exhibition that will remain in the Ibero-American Hall from December 20 to January 20.

The Christmas program is also reinforced with the celebration of ‘Fair Saturday’ that on Saturday, November 27, with 39 cultural events, face-to-face and online, where more than 41 artists and cultural entities participate, united for 34 solidarity projects and In the sports section, the traditional San Silvestre Popular Race also returns on December 30.

wise men

The Christmas program will end, following tradition, with the Three Wise Men. On January 4, together with the traditional act of delivery of letters, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the visit of the Heraldo Real is announced for the first time in the city, which will involve parades and surprises, as well as the Parade “that will return to the big thing, loaded with novelties because it is 100 years old and we are ready to celebrate its centenary in style ”.

As an advance, the mayor of Huelva has said that it will be “the longest parade in history, going from the usual 14 floats to 17 and three of them will go on new platforms, which will double in length to the old ones, exceeding 8 meters long; also having spectacular animations, brass bands, batucadas and finally, in the city, soft candies, like jelly beans, to avoid accidents and reinforce security ”.

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