A young man in the ICU after receiving a brutal beating in Ayamonte

Within the framework of the Operation SAKIN, agents of the Ayamonte Judicial Police Team supported by components of the Civil Guard Post of the town, have proceeded to the arrest of three people for their alleged participation in a crime of attempted murder.

The investigations were initiated upon learning of the assault on a young man of Portuguese nationality on the morning of the 14th, in the Ayamonte industrial estate, at the exit of a leisure establishment, in which several people clashed in a fight with bladed weapons and various blunt objects, which resulted in a young man of Portuguese nationality being transferred with a very serious prognosis to the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital in Huelva due to head trauma, remaining admitted to the intensive care unit.

On the part of this Judicial Police team, after conducting the visual inspection in the area, resulting in the identification of the participants in the fight.

As a result of the investigations, on the 24th an operation was established upon learning that several of the authors were making a change of address, this with the intention of evading the action of the agents, proceeding to their detention in a housing estate in the coastal town with the vehicle loaded with your personal belongings.

Currently, the young man is in critical condition.

The operation remains open not ruling out future arrests.

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