Jury trial at the Hearing for a stabbing death in Huelva

This Thursday begins, in the third section of the Provincial Court of Huelva the popular jury trial, in which 39-year-old man stabbed to death in arcade of the Huelva capital, an event that occurred in April 2019.

The Defendant faces a request for 11 years in prison from the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as compensation to the mother, the victim’s romantic partner and her son of 53,800, 121,000 and 121,000 euros, respectively.

The event took place on the night of April 10 And as the prosecutor explains in his indictment, the accused was inside the game room when the victim addressed him, rebuking him and slapping him on the back several times, for which both began to argue.

The discussion ended in a fight during which time the defendant drew a knife with which he stabbed the victim twice, who had to be taken to the Juan Ramón Jiménez hospital, where he died at dawn.

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