Wine lovers create gourmet sangria

(Signature: Carlos Matías) For two decades, a team of high-quality wine enthusiasts has been working on wine culture. For them, high-quality wine is much more than an ideal drink to consume, always in moderation; it is a lifestyle, of his life and of his day to day. Consequently, they have created the brand Lolea.

Wine lovers create gourmet sangria, lolea sangria, which is an artisanal and refreshing drink, made in an artisanal way with natural ingredients. Lolea It is a cocktail for hot summer days, aperitifs, meals with friends or family… Its flavor is special, what makes this gourmet sangria a unique and unforgettable refreshing drink.

Its aesthetics and the exclusive design of the bottle make it Lolea be a real hit at any ceremony or family event, at gatherings with friends.

There are Lolea Sangria for every taste. Those who make it have classified its variants and listed them as Lolea n1Lolea n2, Lolea n3, and so on. Let’s see the differences between nas and others.

The best sangria in the world

Possibly the Lolea Sangria It is one of the best sangrias in the world, due to its design and its flavor. The company that makes it is a small winery located in Zaragoza. For several years, this company, under the brand name Lolea exports to more than fifteen countries around the world and has become a benchmark gourmet and delicatessen for its high quality.

Lolea N1, N2, N3…

Lolea It is the fashionable sangria for palates that know how to taste the highest quality wine, and we say that they know how to taste it, because not everyone consumes wine for what it is: a cultural act, rooted in the uses and customs of the Mediterranean peoples from the South of Europe.

The Lolea range It is divided into different flavors and formats. A) Yes, Lolea Sangria It is available in different types of indentation, numbered according to their type.

Lolea n1 It is the classic red sangria, made with red wine (Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon), natural orange juice, lemon and a touch of cinnamon.

Lolea N2 is the white sangria, produced with white wine (Chardonnay and Macabeo), natural orange juice, lemon and a touch of vanilla.

Lolea N3, brut, is the sparkling one, made with frizzante white wine, elderflower and wild fruits. They also have an ecological format called Lolea N4 (ink sangria) and a delicious and refreshing rosé format.

Thanks to this collection and range of sangrias, Lolea It has become in recent years the fashionable sangria. A very refreshing, attractive and delicious wine-based drink that lovers of good wine cannot miss.

Buy Sangria Lolea

who wants to buy Lolea Sangria you can do it in the online store. Its manufacturers have also been official distributors for many years and guarantee the quality of the product. On the web you can find the entire range to choose from to buy Lolea Sangria from anywhere.

Lolea Sangria It is ideal to accompany practically any dish. Its wide range of indentations makes it a refreshing drink that is compatible with many foods.


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