What is SEO and what is it for in advertising agencies

Advertising agencies in most cases are essential for the development of brands or companies, especially if expectations about them are high and ambitious. The number of services offered by her are varied. One of the most prominent is SEO.

In this sense, the idea of ​​raising everything related to which is a advertising agency Y what is seo To understand the functions of both and their close relationship, it is extremely tempting to skip over them within this article.

doWhat is an advertising agency?

Because SEO is offered by advertising agencies and not the other way around, it seems sensible to start with the latter and then branch out to SEO as one of their services.

Advertising agencies are made up of a group of professionals who are responsible for creating, evaluating, managing and monitoring various advertising strategies, both physical and digital.

Unlike hiring advertising services by direct means and planned by the same owner or employee of large or small companies, advertising agencies are responsible for managing everything related to the impact and importance of such advertising.

That is, the advertising carried out by the agencies it is specific to a certain type of environment. In this way, they guarantee the greatest amount of reach within a territory or population group that is most relevant to the objectives and service offered by the brand.

Not satisfied with creating punctual and unique advertising strategies for each sector, they monitor them to visualize the impact and maintain them over time, in addition to modifying them or leaving them with a short lifespan. Of course, from the study of an advertisement others are always born.

doWhat is SEO?

It is clear that SEO is usually offered as a service of advertising agencies. However, why is SEO considered as advertising?

Search Engine Optimization in English, and in Spanish “Optimization of search engines”. As its acronym says, it is a digital service and method in charge of preparing content for the pages with the aim of achieving a position within the searches of Internet users.

With a good enough SEO service the appearance of the web page as the first, second or third result is ensured offered by the search engine when performing a certain search.

Logically, if the web page and article are about dogs, it will not appear in the results when someone searches for trucks. But, when a user searches for information about “dogs” and even more so if it is specific to what is mentioned on the page, it appears in the search engine among the first places.

Looking at it from that point of view, it becomes an advertising strategy by encourage the consumer or Internet user to enter a page. SEO is extremely punctual in showing the consumer exactly what he is looking for. It is a great method used today.

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