warn of the rebound in infections of SAS workers in Huelva

The nursing union, SATSEin Huelva has warned of rebound in infections by Covid-19 among health professionals in the province with 492 cases registered during the month of April29% of them were nurses, specialist nurses or physiotherapists.

Given this situation, SATSE has once again demanded that the Andalusian Health Administration adopt the necessary measures to guarantee 100% coverage of the casualties that are generated, since, otherwise, assistance to citizens would be put at risk.

Detailing the data compiled by the Nursing Union, between April 1 and 29, 2022 (last official data from the SAS), the positive cases in Huelva have increased by 20%, going from a cumulative figure of 2,323 positives to 2,815 , a total of 492 more cases in one month, of which 143 correspond to nurses or physiotherapists.

Huelva, province where Percentage-wise, the number of Covid infections grows more

Huelva is the province where, percentage-wise, the number of infections grows the most, since the average increase in Andalusia has been 14.7% of professionals infected with Covid, reaching a cumulative figure of 39,377 positives since the start of the pandemic and an increase of 5,048 cases in the last month distributed in Seville (1,058 cases) , Malaga (901), Cádiz (793), Córdoba (658), Huelva (492), Almería (399), Granada (396) and Jaén (351).

By category at the regional level, the data provided by the SAS to the Nursing Union reveal that, once again, it is the nurses, specialist nurses and physiotherapists, which the SAS includes in the old name of Health Diplomas, who dominate most infections, with 33% of the total, as they are the professionals who most directly and first-line care for Public Health users, followed by management and services staff with 20% of the cases, senior technicians 18% and health graduates (doctors) with 17%.

Given this situation, the Nursing Union has reiterated its claim to the Health Administration so that they adopt the necessary measures to guarantee that 100% of the casualties generated by these infections are covered before circumstances such as find professionals available in the Employment Exchange when necessary.

Along the same lines, SATSE warns that the lack of coverage of casualties, if infections continue to increase among Andalusian Health personnel, may have repercussions on the assistance offered to citizens and on the occupational health of the professionals themselves due to the work overload to which they are subjected by having to assume their work and that of their absent colleagues.

And it is that, in the opinion of the union organization, it is essential to guarantee the substitutions of the personnel since all the professionals are essential for the operation of the health centers since, although the epidemiological situation has improved, the health needs have not diminished, but rather have been modified, being a risk to reduce the current templates.

Hub Covid + 04/01 Covid + 04/29 Increase
North Sanitary Area 309 (95) 411 (120) +102 (25)
CTTC Huelva 11 (1) 14 (3) +3 (2)
D. County-Countryside 205 (60) 248 (79) +43 (19)
D. Huelva-Coast 320 (124) 367 (139) +47 (15)
H. Infanta Elena 365 (95) 425 (112) +60 (17)
H. Juan Ramon Jimenez 1,113 (366) 1,350 (431) + 237 (65)
Total Huelva 2,323 (741) 2,815 (884) + 492 (143)

(* Nurses and Physiotherapists)

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