Virtual cycle of the UNIA addresses the care of the elderly

The International University of Andalusia addresses the care of the elderly in the family environment within its virtual cycle on training and advice on conciliation and mediation. Luz María Pérez González will be responsible for continuing this training, free of charge with prior registration, organized in collaboration with the Andalusian Women’s Institute.

In this module, which will take place on May 25, three key aspects will be addressed. On the one hand, guidelines will be offered to detect the main neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, demencas…). To this are added lines of advice to care for those who care, as well as to define the main symptoms of burnout syndrome derived from care.

The application for a place remains open for the next module of this cycle, coordinated by the Vice-Rectorate for Quality, Equality and Social Responsibility, and directed by Carmen Ruiz Repullo. To date, four sessions have been held aimed at good practices in conciliation and co-responsibility, as well as parenting in childhood and adolescence and functional diversity in the family.

The conciliation cycle will conclude next June with a talk focused on preparing for retirement, by Dolores Mantecón Romero, from the Social Work Unit for Students and University Volunteer Office of the University of Seville.

People enrolled in each of the modules, with preference for university students and graduates, once their participation has been verified, will receive a certificate of attendance.

More information about the cycle

Registration in the module ‘Functional diversity in the family’

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