Unions and Government seek to put an end to settlements in Huelva

The UGT and CCOO unions have met this Saturday with the Government, represented by the Secretary of State for the Agenda 2030Enrique Santiago, to find solutions and put an end to the settlements of temporary immigrants in Huelva.

Santiago has today culminated its agenda in Huelva with a meeting with the provincial directorates of CCOO and UGT in which the sub-delegate of the Government, Manuela Parralo, has accompanied him.

Santiago has shown satisfaction with the reception that the Government’s proposal to coordinate a joint response to the problem of temporary worker settlements has had among all the administrations.

Likewise, he thanked the work of social, trade union and business organizations in the search for this coordinated solution that must urgently respond to the United Nations requirements for Spain to put an end to substandard housing.

The government will mobilize resources

The Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, through the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, in coordination with other ministries, will mobilize resources to implement, throughout this budget year, the start of what should be a definitive solution of a structural problem in Huelva and in other areas of the country.

“It should be remembered that the Government of Spain is not the competent administration in this task, but it has the political will to collaborate with the administrations that are in the face of a problem that has to be addressed in a structural way”, concludes in the note of press issued by the Government Subdelegation in Huelva.

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