Two arrested in Escacena after dismantling a marijuana plantation

The Civil Guard has proceeded to arrest of two people as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health and a crime of electric fluid fraud after dismantling a plantation of dope in the Huelva town of Country Scene.

As reported by the Armed Institute in a press release, the so-called ‘Operation Kindvati’ began after learning of the possible cultivation of marijuana in a home in the aforementioned municipality.

After investigations were carried out, sufficient evidence was obtained of the existence of a marijuana plantation inside the house, so, following an order from the La Palma del Condado Guard Court, the entry and search of the home was authorized.

Indoor marijuana cultivation

During the same, the agents observed a complete indoor cultivation system inside the garage made up of air conditioners, ventilation devices, channeling pipes and air filters, heating lamps, a dehumidifier and sealing of plasterboard walls to prevent leakage. odors to the outside, seizing 10,375 kilos of marijuana buds in the drying process and ready to divide and distribute. An undocumented firearm and two silencers were also seized.

In addition, the existence of an illegal electricity connection was verified, with a double connection to the house, one of them giving electricity to the plantation, proceeding to the arrest of two people.

The operation was carried out by the Campo Escacena Post and by the ROCA 3 team (Specialist Agents in thefts in the countryside) of the Palma del Condado Company.

The detainees and the proceedings carried out have been placed at the disposal of the competent Judicial Authority.

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